Male Love/Hate-Submarine dream…

In Maldives, there are many activities ,you can do. Going fishing with the dhonis, scubadiving, water safaris, yachting, book a seaplane and see the view from the top, island hopping etc…

But sadly, when I was there, the weather and season was kinda moody…so some things cannot be done.

One of them is going into the submarine and see the sea without getting wet.
The idea of getting into a Submarine excites me. It’s my childhood dream!! YIPEE!!
I wonder what seacreatures am I gonna see?
How deep are we gonna be?

My guide friends did warn me..not to get my hopes high…but I dont care. The idea of getting into a Submarine which I often see in movies, its a dream come true!

At first glance, I thought it was a stationary submarine. But then we actually moved to deeper site and went to the base of the sea…

It was smaller than I expected. U have to choose the right seat and the right side. Although the Captain will ensure both sides get to see the fishes. It depends on luck…or some say the fishes. Cos one side watched everything, while the other goes gaga from afar but we deep exchange seats…but sometimes, its a bit inconvenient to move around the narrow space.

I recommend anyone who has phobia of small ,enclosed space…not to try. I was imagining some kind of Russian mega war submarine or something (too much Hollywood in my head)

Although some might experience nausea of some kind…but I didnt feel anything. There was someone feeding outside (in full diving gear) to attract more fishes for our viewing pleasure.

I did see some corals, sea turtle, starfishes, clownfishes, corals and many other tiny fishes…

Sorry, my lack of photographing skills is not doing any justice to what I’ve seen.

But it was interesting.Watching the captain manouvering the submarine and the staff in their starchy boat outfits and the Chinese tourists squeals in delight everytime, anything swim by. It was chaotic and noisy but fun.

The sea was unpredictable,sometimes scary like “turbulence”…as mention, the wet season was not a popular time for tourists.Now, I know why…

But nevertheless, everything has a blessing. I enjoyed each and every experience.
But the Ipoh couple (Malaysians) was not that happy. I understand why…Malaysia has many gorgeous islands and their sea is full of colourful creatures. I bet they must have seen more than that small glass window in the Submarine. Perhaps snorkelling or diving on your own , creates more opportunity to see more colourful sea creatures upclose and personal than in this Submarine that cost probably $80USD per person (light refreshments provided). But for this lil gal from the little red dot called Singapore, it’s good enough for me.

At least now, I know how the seabed looks like. Of course I’ve seen much clearer view in the Discovery Channel/National Geo but to see it in plain sight with ur own eyes…amazing!

Seriously, if you want to see the fishes and sea creatures upclose, go snorkling or diving (they even have water cameras for hire). This machine is not gonna provide utmost satisfaction like watching the Under Sea World but if you are like me, excited in wanting to be in a Submarine, by all means, spend the money, baby!
Oh..well, as I depart from the Submarine, I can read the “I told u so” look from my friends… hehhe!
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