Male Love-The gorgeous locals…

The Maldivians might look aloof, but believe me, everyone is friendly.Most of them, are just camera shy.(Many of my friends are not in the photographs)

To All:
Thank you for making my stay…so fantabulously wonderful!!

May God reward you with abundance of iman taqwa,love,happyness,wealth n health.
May all our dreams come true.

A lil note about the locals:
Although we are of the same faith, Muslims… there are some who believe in ancient folklores and supernatural. To me, it’s similar to “Bomoh” beliefs back home or anywhere else:foretelling the future by looking at your palms,ur maiden name thru ur birthdate..creating love potions and whatever potion you want..”photo” voodoos (ah-ha!Maybe that’s why, many did not want to be photographed!).. .etc and many more.Some are kinda creepy to me..but I listen (sometimes, I told them my views on these) and keep an open mind. Who am I to judge anyone, anyway?

Kalau takut, pagar diri dengan membaca Al-Quran sebelum pergi ke mana2.Insya-Allah, Allah swt akan sentiasa melindungi kita, percaya dan yakinlah.

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