Male Love-Baibala Annual Competition

The streets were filled with triumphant cheers from various fangroups…trucks and pickups are filled to the brim with people, sometimes, it looked like its gonna topple one side….but these are professional drivers…

Annual competition held from 2nd day of Eid onwards.

Location: Near the artificial beach of Male

This game is similar to “Kabaddi”.
It all started and end in the sand pit.
A lil bit of wrestling and tag…
They have to touch opposing players inside the circle.

They need to avoid from being tackled.
My understanding is that it’s like my childhood game of playing “the chicks and the wolf/crocodile”.

It was a full blast event with coverage from the TV and media.

The atmosphere here is unbelievable!
Like our soccer days when Singapore team played in the Malaysia Cup in the 90s.
The thundering roars ,applauses, whistles and cheers..and not forgetting their explosive “team-band” and their drums.
It seems everyone comes down (not only from Male but from other islands as well) to support their family and friends who participate.
I wasnt sure whether you need tickets to go in cos the seats are limited.

My friends just pulled me along as one of their team members…I just need to wear their team t-shirt(no worries, only men played this game)I did went to their training ground too.
I came later but got a seat in front-the many perks of being an unofficial team member.
(they take the game seriously .The leader formally come to me and present me with the t-shirt and welcomed me as one of their team member)

The game looked easy but aint easy to play…
I like the many colourful funky team names,attires and hairdos…

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