Male Eat-Melt-in-the-mouth Tuna Curry and my soul.

Im unsure whether this is the name of the restaurant or the landmark that is close to this restaurant.Hmm…(what happened to me? It seems that I had forgotten to take pics of many restaurant names that I’ve been to)

On the last day of my departure. I wanted to have some quality time on my own. So I stroll around Male by foot. It’s not that big. Upon heading back, 5minutes walk away from the hotel, I chanced upon this restaurant. The food looked incredibly good. And so I ordered takeaways for my early dinner.
The food was so good,especially the Tuna curry. It really melts in my mouth.OMG.(And I havent reach Tsukiji Market,yet)The freshest tuna I’ve ever tasted, it felt like it was just caught minutes ago.The fried fish was good were the other food items. I am deeply satisfied.
The curry was perfect with the white rice…Aah…they were very generous with the servings. I wallop every single grain of rice and drop of curry,so much so, I licked it clean.
When I was about to leave, my soul refused to budge. It was very emotional indeed. I suspect the tuna curry was the reason.
If I ever come back, I believe I can recognise the route and the restaurant again. The people were friendly too.
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