Maldives Eat-A taste of Sri Lanka


I was more than an hour late…But this Sri Lanka plane waited for me and others (who came an hour later than me).

The stewardess were gorgeous,especially so in their saris.

The plane was not full, perhaps only 20 people.

I was running thruout and so when I reached my seat, a man has already sat on it. A window seat…if you have read my previous posts, U know I will not give up my window seat, no matter what the reason may be.

But then as I was panting and rushing, I just slumped on to the next seat beside him.I couldn’t care less. I thought I was about to stay a nite in Sri Lanka ,unplanned…but luckily not.

Then I realised that in my section, there were less than 10 people. I can opt to choose any seat I want.

But I dunno why, I did not get up and change….

Soon, I know why… *chuckles

The man beside me was a Sri Lankan working in Maldives. He’s a Catholic and very fluent in English. He offered me his sandwiches which he had bought from his hometown in Sri Lanka.I asked what is inside and explain to him my dietary prohibitions. He understood and said there is no other meat nor wine inside.

I was shocked at my own response.Im not hungry but I accept it.(prob becos the curious tummy wants to taste Sri Lanka flavours) He shared his sandwiches with me which is already cut into 2 sets.
Although it seems to be a simple tuna sandwiches. It was YUMMY! With fried egg and toasted bread….
I this Sri Lanka food? He said, yes..the locals like to eat sandwiches…
It seems odd to me that, Sri Lankan love sandwiches because I linked sandwiches to Western world.But I learnt something new…

Anyway, he gave me some tips if ever I want to stop by in Sri Lanka. He told me if I want to eat a certain type of seafood like crabs, go to the north side, if lobsters go to the east ..something like that..I wrote it somewhere…
But the inflight meal on Sri Lanka Air…was not bad. It was a vege briyani but its tasty.I love the dessert! Kheer….was done perfectly! I wished there were more but soon, we reached our destination…so no time to request to stewardess.
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