Brunei Love-Nature, landmarks and Museums

The Royal Regalia Museum-where you get details and information about the Royal Family, upclose and personal from childhood onwards.

I felt like a real Princess going thru all the exhibits there…Very huge and luxurious items can be found there…
I love the chariots..

Feel the power and the abundance..

Kampong Ayer Cultural and Tourism Gallery

Traditional wedding costume

Parliament House

P.s: Nature lover?
if u wanna see the Proboscis Monkey, head down to Brunei Bay…or rent a water taxi to find them…it’s fascinating to see the big nose monkeys, I bet!…
I went there too early so I did not get to see any or hear them…

Overall, I felt a great sense of peace looming over Brunei Darussalam. People(Singaporeans) often told me that Brunei is boring. I beg to differ. With so much possibilities of activities on the luscious waters and the affordability of boats, cars and homes, I believe, boringness depends on individuality, cos believe me, if I stay here, I’m gonna have a great splashing time!! Just imagine:own boat, fishing, swimming, trekking, go nature immersion project next door in Sarawak and Sabah..go markets and night bazaars..relax and chill..plant some trees, rear some chickens and monkeys…etc

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