Putri on TV….OKTO channel?


When I receive an email , to be featured for the above tv series, I was in mixed feelings. Is this for real? Is it a joke? Is someone pulling my leg?

And to be telecast on OKTO channel? Alhamdulillah…YAHBEDAHBEDOO!!! One of my favourite channels cos of the travel and food shows at night and not forgetting the major cartoon episodes in the mornings.(Im a cartoon person..hehe!)

And It’s gonna be shown on National TV! Woohoo! I was expecting my first tv appearance be on Suria-Malay Channel but this is even better!(because this channel is in English and caters to all races/religions and ages) Alhamdulillah.

Coincidentally, when I was invited for an appearance in this TV series, I was also rushing home for some matter. So alhamdulillah, it came at a good time.As for my world journey,I have to split it into 2.

It really is an honour to work alongside Sitting In Pictures (check out their accolades of international works!)Anyway, the series is a Food and heritage documentary. And in conjunction with National Day, I was asked to remember my childhood food experiences.

I had tried to remember as much as I can but upon reaching Singapore ground, I had to rush here and there and try to sleep as much but ….As the deadline is close…I just wrap my fear and just do it. Jitters of all kinds crept upon me. Dont know what to expect. Jetlag has not hit me yet till….

I know there are also phenomenal bloggers present in this series. Thus that adds up to the jittery , “buttterflies in the tummy” feelings.

My face was so tanned, my waist has doubled up in size (of all the wonderful food I consumed, alhamdulillah), I wasnt really tv-ready. My head was in all sorts. And suddenly, jetlag arrived (it arrived late just like my baggage who travelled alone to Paris and Lyon without me!).

Here I am, unsure what I wear (was asked to wear casually, the whole nite, I try out 99 dresses and shirts and pants etc…)…head was boing!boing! The TV crew was cool. I felt at home. Writer director was exceptionally warm and friendly. Ease my jitterness but when the white lights flashes…and I was interviewed in the studio, I realised all the words have a funny way of showing themselves without consulting the mind.

And then after a short period, it was done. And soon, its time for the outside shooting. OMG!!! My childhood xperience was in Mandai or Kovan area but due to some circumstances, they chose a place close to home…or where I hang out in times of sorrow or happyness…or for no reason at all…

So what u see on screen is what u get. Nothing is planned here. It is weird to be doing filming in front of a crew and in public. Felt like a SUPERSTAR (hehe!) although no one ask for my autograph (hehe!)…Mostly I felt like “kayu”(wood). Awkward.Anyway, within hours, it was a wrap. I am happy, it ended but I am also terrified of its outcome. I hope I did not do a diservice to Halal food.

There was a time, they asked about Halal. What Halal is all about. I think I did answer but not as detailed as I wanted to. Halal to me is much more than just the preparations of food. It also encompasses many ,many things-e.g the money used in all aspect (buying the food..etc), the food used to feed the animals etc… Halal helps to nurture our body, physically, mentally and definitely spiritually…To explain about Halal is not enough to be explained in mere sentences. Hmm….

But nevertheless, watching Sitting In Pictures at work, insya-Allah…it will be in good hands. I might not be able to watch it. So do me a favour and watch it. Do give ur positive comments at: www.facebook.com/putriberendamfans

Foodage is said to telecast its first episode on 28/7/11. Time? Do check out its updates on: www.facebook.com/foodage

Heartfelt showers of thanks and bucketsful of gratitude perspiration to the professional team of SITTING IN PICTURES production.We have gone thru rain and sunshine, thru laughters and sweat,we have shed..Thank you for all the guidance, for relaxing my “kayu“ness, and for sharing an exceptional abundance wealth of experience. Well Done! Wonderful teamwork of dedication. May the show be a Mega Success! Thank you!

Telecast: I was told it was on 22 or 29/9/11… (courtesy of v.d Weerden family.Thanks!)

P.s: Mum and dad…alhamdulillah …I’m on TV, woohoo!!! *doing a jiggetyjaggety dance

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