WHQ World Tour-Philippines: Mabuhay!

Another destination that has loads of info about my heritage-Malay.

When I was young, my parents often have visitors from people all over the world. And they often stayed in our house while vacationing in Singapore.
One of them is a close friend . She often visited Singapore and we treat her like family.
When she was here, she often brought us to Filipino gatherings and get-togethers. She often cooked for us too. And I like her homecooked Filipino dish. Very tasty.
What I like about Filipinos is that they are always happy and chirpy. Whenever they are around, they lift the spirits and vibes up. In all gatherings, there will be singing (With guitars) and laughters. And they are quite verbal…expressive. And their language have similar words to our Malay language..like Selamat.
Anyway, I was not sure where I should head to Mindanao or the Capital City-Manila. Of course, I would love to be in the majority muslims area but somehow my heart wasn’t into it. And so, I went to Manila instead. (Anyway, I can always change my mind later on..)
I took the Philippines Airlines. And there was a misunderstanding. When I was presented with the set meal, I mistook it for Halal. Cos I have ordered it and confirm at the counter. But then, my heart was uneasy, and so I asked the stewardess to confirm. She said it wasnt. Luckily, I havent eaten the meat. (It was chicken by the way). They said sorry profusely and get me whatever vegetarian options they can get, like bread, apples or nuts.
Luckily, I wasnt that hungry.
The plugs/adapter socket at the Hotel-Mandarin Oriental Manila.
It was hot thruout my stay. The temperature was about 36degrees or more. I get little cranky when Im hot. Lucky me, this was one of my “posh” trip. My driver drove me around in airconditioned van. (I wonder how did I ever survive my Umrah trips when the temperature exceed 45 degrees celsius?Hmm..)
Anyway, I find their currency very intriguing and uplifting. Empowered and motivational.I like….

Being a traveller, I cannot withstand staying all cooped up in the van. And so whenever I’m free, I love to walk around, to nearby shops, malls , and to be in the local crowds.When I was there, there were demonstrations but it was peaceful. In fact, if I remember correctly, there were many countries that were having demonstrations when I was there like Greece, India..hmm.Coincidence? Or is there a demonstration within that attracts all these?Hmm… fascinating.
Anyway,it’s not easy to walk down the streets in Manila. It’s like a maze. I was heading to the mall which was just straight in front of the hotel. But due to the underpasses , I need to turn here and there. And I also have to ask for directions..cos there are hidden overpasses…that linked certain building to another. Oh my… I’m getting a little pampered. A 5 min walk turned to be a 30min walk. A taxi meanwhile can be ..even worse. The sticky jams…but then, in the aircon cab is better than the overbearing heat outside.

There are so many Jollibee branches…fried chicken and rice and burgers..


Philippines is one of the many countries that “camouflaged” me as a local.I blend in easily…so much so the locals started talking to me in Tagalog. hehe!

Departure from Manila Airport-The last picture shows the tax that is not inclusive in any of your flight, lodging or whatever…I was stunned when I was asked to pay before going to the immigration. Cos it was kinda a hassle. I need to change my Euros. And I need to queue for that and then pay tax, another queue and the immigration, another queue. So if U are going there, be prepared with the exact change. Save the hassle and trouble.
p.s: There are many security check points everywhere and especially the Hotel. The taxis and the van that drove me in has to be scan (below) and check for any suspicious items.
Even shopping centres, there are security check points. They will rummage thru ur bag speedfast. U’ll get used to it.
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