Manila Love-Sweet Adieu to Quiapo

I spent more time in Quiapo more than Makati (where I stayed in the Mandarin Hotel).

But still, I only cover a small area. There are more areas in Quiapo that I have not seen yet. I have not mingled well with the local muslims. There are millions of questions that I need to ask them and for them to ask me(I believe).And I have not tasted the Cheesy cheese ice-cream that Andrew Zimmern has showcased…nor did I get a chance to see the famous night market there…and many more things…that I have not touched, see or even smell…but nevertheless, my journey has to end…

I will remember how u welcome me….
With love and gentle lips singing…Maher Zain songs??
(Yeah, the whole area was bustling with Maher Zain songs..being played and also local muslims were singing happily everywhere)

Your eyes locked into mine
While mine into yours
Our minds intertwined
with one another
Curiousity lingers
I sniffed and tasted
your natural flavours
You scanned me
up and down
while I scanned you
round and round
And then…
you smiled in approval,
I smiled back…
with my whitey pearls…
We hugged n cried
In joy and in tears.
And with such sweet sorrow, I say adieu …for now…insya-Allah I’ll be back.
Goodbye, Quiapo,
it’s been great knowing you…
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