Manila Love-Pasig Public Market

One of the rarest moment whereby my driver actually followed me around cos he feared that I might be lost…which is true. Lost because there were so many things to see, and lost also because it is a huge market and there were so many passages and many stalls..and many people…

Whatever you wanna it fresh produce, vegetables, fruits…fresh meat-chicken, beef etc.. or hawkers or food stalls or even clothes or sweets and snacks stalls… this is the place to find..
And you can also buy fresh seafood/meat etc… and vegetables from the market and get the hawkers to cook them for you…and you can eat there too
A must-try are the local fruits… mangoes especially…they are the sweetest and juiciest..
p.s: I realised that many pics (from various countries) were gone from the portable hardisk eversince it failed and I sent it for recovery …Hmm…
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