Capetown: Eat-Family Lunch and Braai

This was unexpected.I was invited to a regular Sunday lunch with the local Malay family of 3 generations….

Nervous unsure what to expect.But everything went well, alhamdulillah. I felt like a part of the family…

And if u are wondering…

What is Braai?

Anyway…in my proper etiquette of fulfilling an invitation to a Family Sunday’s lunch, I had forgotten to take shots of the “braai chicken” but know this….
Everything was cooked with so much love, I was floating on LOVE…thruout the day.
(want to see how nervous I was?Look at the only picture I took of the food;.. and it’s blurry..)

Lutta Family-Thank u so much for the hospitality, love , food, generosity, kindness and everything. I would not have reconnect with my “Malay” and “dutch” roots, had y’all not taken the time to show me the history and the community.

And kids-Thank u for that martial art demonstration and ur keeness to learn more about Silat-traditional form of Malay martial art. I’m ashamed to say I knew nothing about “Silat” (martial arts) although I’ve seen umpteen times-one of my cousin (a popular Silat instructor in his hometown) training the kids in Malaysia.

So, I had to backtracked and find out more about my humble beginnings.
Thank you for all the awesome experience. May God reward each and every one of you-iman taqwa, abundance, prosperity, love, happyness and health.

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