WHQ World Tour-South Africa. Clear my intentions…

Animals or people?

In 2009, alhamdulillah, I had the chance to step into the African Continent by visiting Morocco. One of my many first-loves.

Alhamdulillah this year, I have another opportunity to go the other end-South Africa. I have always been intrigued by South Africa. I’ve heard many stories and I’m eager and excited to experience it for myself.

I do have the plan to conquer the whole of Africa…but not this time, not yet..insya-Allah one day, I shall journey one end to one end…of Africa…alone, twosome, threesome…who knows?

But for sure, I’m gonna cherish every moment, right now…by being present in this exciting adventure…woohoo, South Africa, here I come!!!

Before heading here, I was torn apart-Johannesburg or Cape Town? The animals or my heritage?

Living in a bustling city in Singapore, I yearn to learn more about the wild and the colourful animals , upclose n personal. Thinking about my solo travel, I compare the pros n cons between the safaris and my curiousity to learn more about my Malay roots, eventually..I gave in to Cape Town. And I never regret every single moment of it!

This 3 pin plug is not commonly found elsewhere…the so-called Universal travel adapter that includes Africa…I had to buy it at the Airport. If u can get to a flea market-its much cheaper, probably 10times less.

Current happenings:
I was fortunate that my cabbie-turned-friend was not affected by this uproar…and so I happily moved around Cape Town…in the comfy,aircon, big cab. But then again, alhamdulillah everything has been flowing smoothly.

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