Cape Town:Pray-Kramat?

Need more info?
This was one fascinating experience ,for me to learn and understand…

I met this gentle, elderly man at this Kramat near the Signal Hill.

He has loads of stories to tell me… and so I followed him around the whole entire cemetery areas… (No worries, my burly “bodyguard” is always with me-Thks Amier!)
Some believed that the Cape is always protected because its perimeter are blessed by the cemeteries of the many pious souls-Kramat.
What he does is…to sew cloths to cover the cemeteries of the pious families.U can donate some money for his hardwork, in return, he allows u to place the cloth on whomever cemeteries u like…The cloth were then placed under small rocks to prevent it from being blown by the wind. And as u placed them on the cemeteries, the old man said that they will bless you and may help to grant ur wishes…and sometimes, they may also make appearances…
So when anyone asked u to help them to cover the cemeteries, ask first. Cos sometimes, without u knowing…cos u wanna help, u might end up paying for the “help” u urself rendered …unexpectedly.

Ok, although we are from the same faith-Islam. In terms of this Kramat, I have my own beliefs. So as not to sidetracked and land myself in dubious path, I may not believe the elderly man but I listen and stay open to his explanations and stories.

But then again, back home in Singapore or anywhere else (I heard similar stories in Indonesia too), there are people who have similar beliefs too.
But do note: Not every muslims in the Cape Town believe “the Kramat powers” . They know it’s shirk to believe in the dead whom possess powers and grant wishes- aside from the Almighty God. allahu ‘alam.

Most of the Muslims, I’ve met are Sunnis.
And there are many huffaz here. I’ve heard one quranic recitation in a prayer in a home, by an accidental guest, it brought tears to my eyes. His recitation was melodious,his pronounciation and tajwid was good…I did not even remember what Sura, he read but it was Niagara falls for me. Home-run.

p.s: If u have no idea on what am I talking about regarding the Kramat,do refer to ur religious teachers on this matter.
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