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Beijing Eat-Murtabak,Chicken Feet and….nails?

It may be gruesome to some…but chicken feet are ok with me.I grew up eating chickens’ feet,cocks’ comb and some other “unidentified food objects”. As long as its Halal,Im game for it.

In spite of all that, nails were never in the menu. We chopped, cut,snipped but never eat or gnaw them.

Unless the toes were immersed in a spa or something, it kinda turned me off..cos u see, chickens were barefooted all their lives. They run,dig..whatever they need to do..with their feet. So if u are confident enough to add the nails in the menu, better do a great job of cleaning them!

But still, I won’t try it…not for now. Nails are a turned off for me..

p.s: Here’s a recipe for crispy chickens feet nails… *chuckles

Anyway, we saw many long queues in this area thruout the days and nights. One was for the fresh meat-thinly sliced like shabu-shabu for takeaways. And look at that restaurant serving steamboats,FULLHOUSE!!(Thks Dad for checking it out for me!)

Second was a queue for hot snacks like Murtabak (I dunno what they called them but its similar to Murtabak and its fully filled up with mutton),baos (buns etc..)-Thanks Mum!

Third was a queue for cooked meat like duck, beef, turkey and many chicken parts-necks, feet, thighs etc.. Mostly braised in soyasauce..that explained the dark colour and texture… The beef was awesomely good!(Thanks Putri!)

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