Lhasa Eat-Muslim Eatery at Chengguan District

Tibetan Muslims are called KacheeTheir origin of immigrants can be traced back from four main regions: China, Kashmir, Ladakh and Nepal. Persia also played a major role in the Islamic influence.

Ok, the food are mostly noodles. I love that they are often made of barley wheat. Very healthy. The broth are yummy. The chilli paste tasted uncooked (like chili boh) but slightly spicy.

The food is slightly like Chengdu but its spicier and the soups/broth are more down to earth. But they have this love relationship with MSG, I cannot phantom why they include in everything-fried,broth,noodles…they just add and add the MSG like there is no tomorrow(but not all used them excessively).

The meat shown, Im unsure whether its beef or yak meat. They love yak and I thought yak meat is like mutton but its really very similar to beef, no unpleasant smell whatsoever.

But the meat are often cut into tiny bits. So its tough to indulge myself. I have yet to find a halal yak steak meat. I saw some in non-halal restaurants.

The tea or commonly called as Chai are the most common thing here. Everywhere u can see tea shops. Their tea are like our teh tarek ,slightly dilute but with a teaspoon of butter goodness in them. Slight milkiness. And sometimes, saltishness. I like it!

Oh, the milk and butter here are from Yak’s milk. I prefer this, probably because of its sweet savoury taste n of course its freshness.

Ok, if u drink too much tea, u need to output right? No worries, there are toilets everywhere (I’ve never been to any of them cos my hotel is near but even for faraway roadtrips (6hrs), I have learnt to keep it in-cos mostly for the fact that I am insulated in about 5 layers of clothing and so to undress will take a humiliatingly 60minutes minimum) but then, some locals (minority) prefer doing it in secluded streets,corners or even right in front of u, at the trees in the villages etc..)

So if u wanna be like the locals, do what they do, fertilized  nature back with its own nutrients. Hmm… (not me!)

Once, I saw a lil kid with a slit in his back pants. I wonder what it is for till I saw it…(Maybe that should be a trend, I need a fashion designer who can incorporate this in my pants,hmm…)

The mother was praying in front of the temple and he just squat in his own private moments in the public area, peeing innocently. No need to zip up..

Pardon me as my stories are all jumbled up in food n urination n yucks…still thawing my grey matter.Im just peeing the info all over…still hot.Fresh.

p.s: There was once I wanted to convert to a pee blogger when I saw the best toilets in the world blog on tv *chuckles

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