Beijing Eat-Nan Dou Ya Mosque Eatery

Continuation from previous post:

As always, I was the “Chief Orderer”. Not knowing how to read the Chinese Characters on the menu nor the walls (My memory of Chinese language in Kindergarten was only the “REN” character which meant people, and sadly that was of course, not in the menu, u..cannibal)

And so I poked my nose into people’s breakfast. I walked around, sniffed and inspect the yummyness of the food they were eating. I wasn’t shy. In fact, I enjoyed being the intrusive stranger cum curious tourist. It was so fun that I pointedshouted-“WO yao che-ke…che ke,che ke…” and soon, the table was full, more than we expected. Of course, doggie bags are always welcome anywhere, everywhere….

Cheap and good food!

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