Tijuana Love-Hate story: Zebra or…

Thruout the whole stretch of shopping streets, I saw many “zebras”. At first, I did not noticed anything odd till, I saw a colorful one-probably pink (seeing zebras on the street to me is not weird. Cos I thought probably they have many here.Probably some ended up as dinner.But then again, if u noticed that I cannot differentiate between a donkey n a zebra that shows how long, I have not been to the zoo..hee!). Then I scrutinised it upclose n really personal (I can smell it!). And OMG…it’s a donkey!!

And we asked around how and why they did that.
I heard something like spray paint…

And are the colors permanently on the donkey or..is it washable?
Daily application or….?
Is it painful for the animal?
I dunno what to feel, this is very weird. And uncomfy for the animal perhaps.

We should be comfy in our own skin.We should accept ourselves for who we are.

I guess this is just a gimmick , a publicity stunt to attract tourist to take photos with…for the money.

But still….is this humane? Or ethically right? I cannot put my finger on it…I felt uncomfortable.
(what next? A man-unicorn that we can ride on?!)

This was something I don’t really enjoy seeing…

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