Romancing the world in a year…Pray Eat Love series.


Putri is currently taking a year off (or more) to travel the world with love. Her blogs, tweets, facebook etc might/might not be updated. But if it is updated, it will not be in any sequence.It can be updated backwards…

To family, foodies, fans, restaurant owners and “others”:
Thank you for your patience and empowering support.

Gratitude to the people involved in this unplanned “romance”:
Travel Agents, Guides, Drivers, “bodyguards”, strangers/locals who embrace me into their world, hotels/hostels, colourful flights n security agents that make me happy/cry and not forgetting the gorgeous food makers for making my tongue dance with their yummies etc…

No words can express my fully intended gratitude.

Thank you so much!

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2 thoughts on “Romancing the world in a year…Pray Eat Love series.”

  1. Firdaus (ur niece)


    hi aunt, I've been watching ur video ur post in the blog..congrates for being on tv…i love that Okto tv coz i'm one of cartoon freaks and surely will watch ur program on Thursday night…

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