Pray,Eat, Love… World Series

As I frowned my arched eyebrows and pursed my lips in deep thoughts, my mind jumped freewheelie into this.I’m not gonna spend another second saying No, Im just gonna jump into it! Whee!

Its been my dream to just travel to distant lands…names of destinations that were engraved in my hearts of heart. From all the self-help books that I have read, one RULE stand strong. It’s not the HOW that matters is the WHY. And if I have a compelling WHY to do it , the HOW will automatically presents itself in its own unique way, in its own time.

And so this is how I did it….

Not judging the amount of money in my bank but the amount of passion lies burning in my heart…

I set my foot in uncharted territories (meaning places I have never been before). I summoned all the positivity in me to enhance my travel even further rather than dwell in the WHAT IFs of negativity (e.g what if something inevitable happens? Or anything that might even spur a twinge of negativity thoughts, I trashed them…)

The best part is, the whole journey is done mostly on intuitive takes and hints.

And when I was determined to set out….the path are suddenly opening up to me. Slowly, the path is clearer and unfolding right before my eyes.

There were destinations that disallow my presence no matter what path I took. And I embraced it with no questions asked and eventually I realised that there are calamities in that region (later on). So this journey I took is already planned on my mind in mere minutes but the actual “plan” is actually done with Higher Intervention’s help (whom I called God)

Lack of peripherals are actually my own decision. I wanted this journey to be different and be free of distractions. I do not wish to update my journeys on time but instead, update them on my journal and reflect them in writings. I have a mission to accomplish which is very personal but at the same time, my quest is always neverending in fact, it begins itself in every journey that I take.

I let go of everything and leave…..

TIme is an essence and today, it’s on my side…
in fact this year, it stays by my side…
applauding my every step
motivating my every move
Comforting my every challenges…face.

Of course, one must plan
But knowing me,
the plan is within me
What I know is within me
What I need is within me

If U have watched Eat, pray and Love..probably mine is similar to that (but not in the right sequence). Im not gonna fast tracked my journey just to cover as many destinations as possible, in fact, Im just gonna go with the flow and only reside in countries I felt like going , at that moment. I believe I can learn as much in a slower pace journey than in a hurried married version.

If U are clueless at what I’ve been rambling about, don’t fret..I am too.

The main headline here is…
The Princess has gone on a long journey. She is not able to update her blogs of taste as usual but instead, she is gonna enrich her state of mind and experiences. After a year, insya-Allah she will return.

Of course there will be FEAR. I have it everytime….but the more I see it, it kinda diminish and eventually became tiny so much so, I can just eat it in one bite. But a word of precaution, if u wanna travel solo like me, always ensure that the “plan” u have always enforces SECURITY as number 1 priority. Do not overlook that. I do have many travel agencies as my consultants (U can always ask for advices etc) and also I do leave my contacts and update my whereabouts with the MFA (thru their website so they know).

And when I reach that particular destination (especially one which I have not planned or even register it in my subconscious), I am in AWE…and gratitude.

And favourite tune of childhood music played itself in my head…
“Such a feelin’s comin’ over me
There is wonder in most everything I see
Not a cloud in the sky
Got the sun in my eyes
And I won’t be surprised if it’s a dream

Everything I want the world to be
Is now coming true especially for me…”*singing

It really blow my mind to see such beauty in everything I see….Don’t believe me? Look below and imagine u are there with me..C’mon imagine it…

Imagination is our gift.

And so I will choose and select my experiences (cos U don’t want to know everything…trust me *wink) and blog only what is appropriate to the food context. There are too many things I wanna share but a pair of hands is all I got. And so I will share the story not in sequence, as and how I feel it should be done.

I might once in a while strayed and drifted away, do pardon my colourful imagination and play along with me. Sometimes in life, we got to loosen up and LIVE a little (I think we gotta LOOSEN A LOT AND LIVE A LOT *chuckles).

But one thing I have learnt is that the more I see, the less I know.
It’s totally bonkers! Travelling helps to unravel the real you! My perception has widen itself. What I thought was important no longer reside in top list. It shackles all the beliefs and conditioning of ur life into something different. I’m getting to know more about myself each day, I’m on my own…. especially so in a faraway land.

And so I shall leave y’all with a song…

“I say hey, I be gone today
But I be back around the way
Seems like everywhere I go
The more I see, the less I know….”

p.s: I know there will be streams of emails that require my attention but I believe that there are other channels you can refer to. So if your requests are urgent especially pertaining to Halal matters, please refer them to the Halal Authority of Singapore. And if you need taste guides, I believe there are more professional food critics and bloggers out there and many Chefs who will be happy to help you out. I am not a food critic. I am a harmless food blogger with a fickle tongue. So do not take my word for it. Read my FAQs for more info.

The funny thing about travelling is this…

As I travel to many different countries and experience their colourful cultures, I was a lil bit scared on how they can accept me. A lil tudung (scarf) girl wandering alone , seeking information etc.. but I am blessed to meet with so many open minded people that helped me out in whatever I need and some even went further than that!

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