Just Ramblingz..

Changes happened all the time…

I am feeling kinda awkward…for once, I was LOST. I wasnt able to login to my blog cos I forgot the access code and unsure which username I used (I have gazillions).

and so after minutes of fumbling thru the codes deciphered in my grey matter… I found it!

It felt weird.As if I had neglected it as much as I did with my digits. Counting the days in my head, it wasnt that bad..I was only away for 1-2months (or is it 3-4months?!). And yet, I had forgotten to blog. Even the fingers were kinda clumsy.

Sometimes, I have some kind of amnesia, forgot all about the theme of this blog which is about FOOD. And some clutter did get thru between the words. I wonder whether anyone notice or perhaps, people just zap thru the words and focus on the food pictures and the reviews much more intently then filtering thru the wholesomeful bin of words.

Believe it or not, some people fear to blog because they fear they let a part of themselves reveal itself while expressing. Which is TRUE. When people blog, they let out some part of their persona into the limelight. No matter how tight your security might be, or how clever your masquerade is, there will be some kind of revelation of your personality which will trinkle its way out of your grasp.

My blogging style has changed tremendously. I am grateful for the publicity. So much so, my relatives get their updates mostly thru facebook/twitter. No more phonecalls nor text messages(sms).Often get-togethers are where the uncles, aunties,nieces and nephews brawled out their curiousity -“So u have been to this country…? How is the people like…food..what do you recommend?…” Lucky me, no one asked for their souvenirs cos Im a light traveller, I keep everything in my heart,mind…if they want some, come on down and be there-that is the real souvenir!

Anyway,back to social networking. Everyone is into social networking even the grandmas and grandpas. In fact, my parents are the socialites of these networks especially my mama. I am way behind…I am not so into facebook and interactions… (Perhaps, I should let them handle my facebook site, huh?!*wink). Call me old fashioned but I rather meet face to face and chill. Go out,have a meal together and have a face to face chat. But I guess some people have no time for that.

Not everyone in my family/relatives read my blog (thank God!) thus, they always have this “look” whenever I meet them. The look that says-why is she writing a diary for everyone to read?And why do people get paid for that?…Hmm, don’t get me started on that…

Some people do not like me to know that they read my blog. To them,blog is like a diary. Ya know the ones with tiny padlock and pinkish ribbons. So to admit that they have read my blog is like trespassing the boundaries. Or perhaps, they do not want others to know that they have time to read blogs.Or probably,they are interested to know but act nonchalantly unconcerned.

Seriously,its no big deal. Reading a blog wont make u into a wuze or something. Its a norm. Human curiousity. Let it be. Sometimes, other people’s blogs are much more interesting than the local tabloids. So choose wisely.As for me, I often read blogs when I need to know info about travelling. They are more up to date.Varied factual experiences are being shared amongst globe trekkers which is very beneficial .

Some people hate my blog. It’s ok. Everyone has the right to like or not. They think I am trying to be a food critic. I am not (please read the FAQ). I am just showcasing the Halal varieties of food in as many countries as I can. To encourage Halal consumption and boost Halal businesses. Especially when travelling, its tough to get Halal food if you are not aware. So within my means, I try to highlight the Halal establishments that I had visited. I am more into Muslims and Halal. It’s not about race or colour. I am doing this on my own freewill.It’s about HALAL! Its showcasing HALAL food. Awareness of Halal food.

I am happy that many halal food blogs have popped up. The more the merrier. Its never a competition. To me, the more there are,the better, so that we, halal consumers have more choices. And also if more Halal eateries are made known,then there is no excuse NOT to eat halal,right?

I am here for the ride. I go with the flow. What I wanna eat, I shall follow. I am not gonna direct people to certain establishments just cos I’m supposed to be the makan guru (I am not!). Look, my tongue is like no other. It’s the same as yours,yours and yours too. What masses like, I might hate, and what I hate,others may like. So seriously, Im not a gourmet nor a gourmand. I eat as and when I please.

When the mood arises, or not. When my wallet is full or have holes in them. I can cook but I am no Celebrity Chef. I might suffer shamelessly (probably the customers will too!)if ever I was to work in Hell’s Kitchen (yikes!).So Im no different than you,yes you the man on the street picking ur nose. So if u asked me on some fancy cuisines, do not be surprised if I tell you I dunno. Cos there are many things, I do not know but am constantly learning. As mentioned, I am no food critic. I express what my tongue expresses. If its in delight, then jovial words it will revealed.If not ,its a string of lil words with waves crashing against the rocks.

And one thing i do not fancy is giving points to establishments or food. To me, creating a dish is a lot of hardwork. By giving a verdict in terms of numbers or stars, Im ridiculing those hardearned kilojules of painstaking art in the kitchen. And I know readers love the numbers cos they scroll down to the numbers and skip the rest .If they like the numbers,they will visit the restaurant ,if not…forget it.Its not gonna be in their daily menu.

I am trying my best to see the whole scenario in the eyes of the customers …overall ambience, service, food,people and vibes.Being human, I might lost some sense of appreciations and might enlarge my dissatisfactions. Although its not personal,it works!(Some believe my tongue wholeheartedly) So dont ever take my word for it, but try it out for yourself!

Do food bloggers pay for their food? A lot of them still do. I do pay for my food. Unless mentioned that its being paid for, a lot of us still pay for our own food. Again, that should not be the criteria for judging our credibility. Yeah, I understand, that if the food is free, the review might be unbiasedly good. Maybe…maybe not. As for me, if it is a FREE food fiesta-I only mentioned those that are good,as for the bad ones…ignorance is bliss.I try not to even mention them unless its hazardous to your health. I have not been bought over, its just that I cannot pay kindness in coins of bitterness. So I just be aware of its positiveness and express it.So if its FREE food, read between the lines, please.

What is the intention of this ramblings? I dunno I guess, Im trying out whether I can still get the juice flowing. Cos its been awhile and it seems the gray matter is frozen. Im thawing it now…

Seriously, my intention for this blog is to create a halal awareness amongst muslims and non. To uplift the level of quality halal food that everyone deserves. By right, HALAL is supposed to be the best cos its not just about the way its being slaughtered. It started way back even before the animal is being born (I meant the environment, quality of food the animals eat, the way the animals are being treated, the money used to buy the animals must also be halal….). And of course, thruout the journey, I have the pleasure to indulge my palates in various colourful cuisines. Who says HALAL is boring?! Not for me…

But why am I so into Halal? Aside from religious beliefs, I believe we are what we eat. If we eat good quality food, we became better humans. It’s like positive thinking. You harness ur own way of life. If you see it positively,your world shall be positive ,if not,everything seems to be dungeons and evil creeping to take over your world. Enough said, for more info, do read on the FAQs.Thank you.

Where am I? I have no idea. I took a plunge into unknown territories just days beforehand with no plan. No research.Nothing. Just buy the plane ticket… (like Ian Wright said-from Lonely Planet). But again, I do not recommend this to anyone. Especially female travellers. Or newbie. If unsure, always crash into a hostel (not hotel). They are like minded people who will help or you can join them for new adventures. Whatever it is, its not the destination that matters,its the journey! Take care!



p.s: Maybe I will lie low for awhile…just me,me and me with no camera or peripherals involved. I need to do my reflections and sharpen my awareness. The new year has begun (for muslims and soon the rest of the world too) and I want this year to be different. It’s time for my rocket to blast off… Im ready.

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