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Couch surfing are for free loaders…

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Goodbye couch surfing…

I have never seen a myriad of sofas in my entire life other than my therapeutic shopping moments in IKEA. Lucky me, i am not fussy nor inches taller. They all seem to fit me, the troll-like size of me that is.

Travelling around the world has never been cheaper and this gives me a sense of belonging- to someone’s couch. Asides of dashes of local realities, u will be in for endless surprises that might just add some companionships on a long lonesome nights.

I embrace them all- those queer smells that has been staying beneath the couch covers for years, the beautiful hairy mess hidden beneath corners (that is not my own cos im covered like a princess mummy), the wrath of cats who needs psychological adjustments and probably need one of the “embrace change now” talk who seems to wander and jump on me in the middle of the nite, shuffling sounds of imaginative intruders at the door (most couches r placed right in front, or is that a sign- leave whenever u please?).

But inspite of all that, i embrace the brave people of couchers who openly invites their homes to intrusion of freeloaders like me (although i could suffer from a certain disorder or multiple personality of axe murderers…). I love them all! Their quirkyness and instant breakfast made locally never fail to amaze me. Again, im no fussy coucher- monkey’s diet of raw vegan can feed me for months. I guess that is easily explained than the HALAL jargon im used to.

But take heed- if u have doubts or suspicious minds and hearts , this is not for u. This is only for the courageous travellers who has very limited fussyness or probably limited daytime. It seems all couchers are great at night parties, occasional spillage is just additional decorative form to enhance ur sleep even more.

And tiredness seems to be the keyword of all. No time to rest. It can be very fatigue so much so a break of hotel stay in between might work well not just for the soles but the souls.

I would love to host my couch for the others knowingly well i do not have one right now. I am in the midst of moving again. I am living in a caravan. I believe my geographical location is an ideal spot for couchers of sizes, ok u can ring me asap, i can offer u my floor. A walkaway from the bustling downtown, my town never sleeps, its perfect for u guys, party all night long. I can foresee a long queues of couchers lining up for my couchless floors…hmm, it feels good to be an impromptu tour guide, u never know who u r gonna receive.

It reminds me of my childhood. My parents have many friends, penpals…. All around the world and they seems comfy inviting them to Singapore. Knowing our strict “taking leave” procedures from designations and seems guests love to drop in unexpected, my parents are often MIA and i became their relief hostess. Armed with my meagre knowledge and home economics recipes, i took that role charmingly as i whip them up breakfast in bed feast ( or mess?) and bring them out for local delights. ( Sometimes i wonder where i get all these time and energy with all that windsurfing, modelling, parttime jobs, school curricular activities and some personal fun) i guess those experience really taught me to socialise with all walks of life and embrace all cultures with an open mind. I love it!

Now with social platforms of couch surfing and free loaders dot coms multiplying around the world, we are taking a big leap of closing in our geographical gaps and embracing all cultures of humanity. Try it….if u dare. It will blow ur mind!

Im loving every moment of it…*resting in a comfyness of a 5 star hotel bed

Im gonna miss all those hidden goo…not forgeting that some couches smell like forsaken loo….

Goodbye couchers!
Smell ya later!
Thank you….
In deep gratitude.


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