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Putri and Berita Minggu

Updated:20/6/10…Oops BLOOPER!
My reviews are like LUcKy Draw….
If u buy BM, u will never know when my reviews will pop up. If it’s there, it’s your LUCKY DAY!
So continue supporting them by buying their newspapers, remember i am the “bonus”… Part *chuckles

sorry for that, if u have bought em, just treat that as a donation, a contribution to the local community, ok?* wink.

Thank you once again for your endless support and motivational comments. Remember my success is your success too!
Have a great day, everyday!

putri (20.6.10 9.55am)

What has Putri been up to recently?
Has Putri Berendam and Berita Minggu (local Malay weekend paper) team up?

For more information, refer to this coming BERITA MINGGU papers on Sunday 20.6.10.

Come on, check them out!!

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