Mother's Day Contest (tribute to all mothers)

Country: Singapore

*This contest has been extended till end of May 2010. I encourage everyone to take part because if this is a SUCCESS,then insya-Allah there are many more contests waiting in line and many contests=many sponsors=many freebies/promotions for fans=many food reviews for Putri=many Halal food choices for all.. So u see,it comes full circle and it is aWIN-WIN situation. Especially for the fans of this blog.So what are u waiting for? Come participate and be active,let’s all stay interactive!

In celebrating one of the greatest moments of life-Gratitude……Let’s celebrate this Mother’s Day,this Sunday (9.5.10)…. with a little difference.

Write a poetic expressions from 2-3 sentences to a full page or more about your Mom-ur love, ur gratitude, ur appreciation..(can be haiku or poems of any form or u can even invent it urselves,no restrictions)The best part is,it don’t even have to RHYME!

The best 3 creative submissions that will topple my hat (or shall I say my headress) or tickle me silly or wringe a waterfall of tears will WIN a special gift of Mother’s day exquisite high quality brownies of assortment flavours for your mom. And they will be delivered right at your doorstep 1-2 days before Mother’s Day.(sorry only applicable to local fans residing in Singapore for now, insya-Allah, I will include international fans in more contests in the future)

Contest date closes on THIS Thursday 6.5.10 @ 11.59pm. Submit those creativity (English/Malay) to ME@PUTRIBERENDAM.COM .All winners will be notified by emails. Do include your mother’s name and yourself (can be nicks).All entries will be published on the blog (unless u want it to be private, do inform me, I will respect that)

So put on your CREATIVITY ROBE and blast away those funky poetic expressions of your love for your Mothers. Be creative, be colourful but most importantly, be yourself.Let it FLOW from the heart.Have FUN doing it and it’s gonna be GREAT!

To encourage you, I’m gonna create a spontaneous poem for my MOM, right now…
(Remember in expressing your poetic side,there is NO right or WRONG answers,so hacked all those RULES in ur head, have fun…There are NO laughters (boos) but MANY APPLAUSEs and occasional standing ovations.Picture that, and in no time, u will be writing fluently…from the heart)

Dearest Mama,
the moment I was in your tummy,
You have pampered me silly….

Thank you, Mama…
I love you ,
wherever you are…..

Millions smiles have glowed
Millions tears have flowed
Millions ounces of strength
Millions follicles have length
Millions words of knowledge
Million times I’ve taken advantage
But not a single anger is showed.

You decorate my world with unconditional love
You spark my life with your passion
You create wondrous possibilities
That often make no sense of realities
You taught me to give,I end up being received
Thank you Mama for the wonderful gifts
They open and free up my mind
but mainly they taught me to live..

You give me freedom for any destinations
That enhance my life in every senses
You guide my life with your lamp
I am glad that you are kind
Greatly thankful that you are mine

I wouldn’t be who I am
If not for whom you are

P.s: Oopss..I got carried away…its supposed to be 3-4 sentences only but hehe…

All prizes & deliveries are proudly sponsored by BAKEDANDEATEN brownies (halal-certified till December 2010).If you want to motivate yourself, come let’s rekindle those fondest memories of me (hee!)eating their bestest brownies….

Disclaimer: Food featured are subject to my personal taste. I hold no responsibility for your body’s gastronomical adventure.All food shown are either from Halal-certified or Muslim owned establishments(with no liquour/alcoholic beverages).I will try my utmost best to update and maintain the relevant information shown,insya-Allah…but your body,your responsibility.Do ensure that the Halal-certificates are up-to-date,renewed (not expired) and displayed promptly before ordering/consuming. If in doubt,always ask the staff with a smile.

Remember: Use ur senses especially your heart.But mainly, ask your iman (faith).

Don’t assume: A headdress/scarf lady is not equal to HALAL. “No pork no lard” signage is not equal to HALAL. A crescent moon and star symbol is not equal to HALAL. Not all Mediterranean (e.g Turkish kebab), Malaysian, Indonesian cuisines (especially Nasi Padang food) is HALAL. Whatever franchise that is HALAL in Malaysia,Indonesia or in any muslim country does not mean it is HALAL in Singapore or anywhere else. Your body,your responsibility, check its HALAL authenticity. More on disclaimer?

Thank you for your kind attention.

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