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Note:This Mother’s day contest has been extended till end of May 2010. I received some extraordinary works.Do continue sending them in…It’s ok,to make me cry buckets..I love it!

Dear Contestants,

upon reading all your entries, you are already a winner!It’s gonna be tough to choose amongst all of you… *touched

Your mama/wife will be proud of you.I am definitely proud of you for taking that ounce of courage to express your love.Thank you from the bottom of my heart….Thank you for sharing…and Happy Mother’s day!



This poem is dedicated to my mother, Ruby who had single-handedly raised me, Jamilah, up to be the person i am now. Despite all the hurdles she had to face alone, she managed to overcome each and every one of them. I am truly bless to have a strong-willed person as a mother.

You were there for me through my trials and tribulations
When i’ve lost all sense of hope and direction
You stood by me without any hesitation
Showering me with all the attention and affection
Accepting my imperfections
and still be as patient
even through my days of teenage rebellion
You were there without a question

Thank you for the unwavering care, love and concern
and your relentless pursuit to provide me with a good education
Even when you’re alone in action
You gave us your utmost dedication
And for that here’s a poem to show you my deepest appreciation

Ibu: Hasanah Maswandi
Dotter: Nur Hafizah Dahlan

A tribute 2 my Ibu:

I never knew what it meant to be you
As humble, patient, loving, warm, supportive as you can be..
Albeit u showed it in ways I never understood
Until now dat I hv my own; I thank you for all you’ve done for me.

Mummy Hana
You are my sofa
You are the pillow
You are the pill that I swallow

Mummy Hana
No words can explain
how much your tough love
fill my souls and equals me to serve
from: shikina

Good afternoon, I’m Ain and this poem is written for my mum, Rabiah.
Thank you and enjoy reading.

like the river you’re calm
raking in peace and serenity
when im at my utmost difficulty
or even when i appeared sickly
you never failed to be there for me
no matter the weather
you’ll shelter
and will never falter
or fall short
when i need a mother..
cos you’re one helluva (hell of a) figure
who will only love you deeper
even if you looked like an ogre

I am writing to my wife (because she has done a good job in giving birth to twins,recently!)

Darling, Maisarah…
No words can ever replace the everlasting love you showered our babies with.And not forgetting the 9 months of pregnancy.The morning sickness,the uncomfortable moments, the changing body and emotions,and yet, you look at each day with a bright happy face.And now that we have our bundle of joys, I treasure our family but most importantly, I fell in love with you everyday.Thank you for showing me what love really meant. Happy Mother’s day!
Your soulmate, Daddy Helmi.

From:Nur ‘Adila Ferntes

My mum always nags at me. Yes, i am 22. She still nags at me every day. But i still love her all the same. We quarrel over the slightest things, but before 3 days is up, i know for sure that we will make it up to each other, and well forget about what we quarrelled about. Ibu says, being the only girl, i am her “racun” and i am also the “penawar”. hehe.

I have never seen such a strong woman like Ibu. She is strong, independent, and resolute. After the demise of my beloved Abah 5 years ago, she has been the pillar of strength and love for all of us.I know she cried alot, especially after her prayers. But she never lets us see the tears. Masya-Allah. This human being. I admit that i am nowhere near like her. I am cengeng, softhearted, and penakut. Deep down, i always pray that as i grow older to her age, i can be as strong as she is, Insyallah.

The past 4 years, It hasn’t been easy for her, to bring up the 3 of us up, especially when we were at the “growing up” or “going into another phase” term. I was 18 then, my elder brother was 20, and the younger one, just turned 14. I had just dropped out of school, didnt like studying there, brother was just enlisted in to the civil defence, and my younger one was well, in sec 2. (Alhamdulillah thru her nags and encouragement also, managed to graduate with a diploma now! =) )

I have to say it wasnt easy for us either when Abah left us. It was a shock for everyone. He wasnt sick or anything, u noe. at 47, he would still kick some balls with the boys around my neighbourhood. My Abah was a very funny person. Ibu was the disciplinarian at home, so naturally, all of us would curry favour from Abah. And more often than not, we always get what we want. Hehe. Following his demise, there were a lot of administration to settle. There was the car, the house, his belongings back at his office. Things that i admit i took for granted, and not in knowledge of. If it was not for my Ibu, i wouldnt know what would have happened to all of us. Ibu was the one who went up & down MP office, HDB, LTA,car leasing comany, insurance companies. Ibu held the fort well, i would say.

The first Raya without Abah was the one i will never ever forget the whole of my life. Takbir, was very very solemn, we cried, we bawled. Then it hit me real hard. Abah is really no longer with us. I have been in denial all this while. Abah is really really gone. The first day of Raya was not joyous, we still went visiting, but only to the seniors. Gramps, Mak Ngah, Pak Hitam, Pak Busu, etc. Everyone cried, cos my Abah was a good man, and all my relatives had only good things to say about him, and had only good memories about him.

Then as the years passed, we coped with life better. so One night, i mustered up all my courage, and finally asked her, “Ibu, what is it that is keeping u so strong all these while?”

She didnt look at me, but smiled, and said ” Iman, sayang. My Iman keeps me grounded, Alhamdulillah. Without it, i think i can go crazy already.”

She continued, and quoted Surah Al Insyirah ” Allah has promised, Verily, after every difficulty comes relief. Verily after every difficulty comes relief.”

Subhanallah. Thank You Allah, for granting this woman to me.

All these were jolted to me after my tahajjud prayers just now. Ibu always say in her nags, if one day, we find that we are faced with setbacks, one after another, sit down, muhasabah, and figure out where we did wrong. Maybe, we have made Allah angry, and Allah is sending the setbacks to remind us about our folly.

Astaghfirullah, qudus nya hambaMu ini Ya Allah. Bergelumang dengan dosa.

Insyallah Ibu, i will keep ur words in mind, and be like you, having Iman as my grounds to keep me rooted and not swayed, and together with ur prayers and my initiatives, i will overcome all these setbacks, one after another.

And since Mother’s Day is coming, just know that you are the best mother anyone can ever have, and i will try my best, to be the daughter that you always prayed for. If granma,granpa,Abah were still around, they would agree with me too. =)

Happy Mothers Day Saodah Bte Saba! I love you much! =)

Ibu:Wan Radya

Ibu,ibu..Engkaulah ratu hatiku
Walaupun ku nakal selalu
engkau tetap setia bersamaku

To:Mdm Nur Sakinah Binte Ali
From:Nur Adlin Binte Salim

I love you,mummy
Happy Mother’s Day

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