Contest – 5 DVDS to be given away!!

Contest: Closed
Country: Singapore

Alhamdulillah, as the sponsors are piling up. I have great pleasure to introduce to you yet..another DELICIOUS contest.

DVD review: I have watched the DVD. I like its “rawness” cos unlike cooking studios,the ambience they created is close to our homes. I feel comfortable with it and the instructions are quite simple to follow. One favourite recipe is “Crabs cooked in peanut butter” Mmm..YUMMY!!

The questions are simple:

1)How many languages does Tanya Mami DVD have?
2)Is this Asmah Laili’s first cooking DVD?

The first 5 correct answers that reach my mail ( will receive this beautiful cooking DVD of our lovely celebrity Chef Asma Laily aka Mami (Mommy).

So what are you waiting for? (It’s still not too late to WIN this for your Mom!!It’s Mother’s Day,everyday right?!*wink)

(Pssst…Hint: )

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