Paintings in my mind.

Picture this:

A lil wooden cottage in the midst of lushy greeneries.
Gush of waterfalls can be heard in the background,
hot springs poolbath facing the beautiful sunsets,
cock crows at dawn.

My dream of bed n breakfast lodging..
where the chef’s daily menu
depends solely on the daily fresh catch.

Fresh water river fishes,
prawns and seafood caught
with own hands,daily.

Whenever meat is requested,
head to their backyard farm
and slaughter the finest ones
on the spot.

Finest cuisines is further enhanced
by the freshly wild herbs
planted in their own garden.

A lil flickering signage can be spotted:
100% Halal and toyyib.

Watching Japan hour,I concocted my own dreamy escapades/retirement plan.

What are your dream escapades?Anything is possible.

So if I were to MIA,hopefully I have the luxury to be lost amongst these…

Meanwhile,let’s appreciate our daily luxuries…or AWE-some moments…

“Life’s a journey, not a destination”- Steven Tyler make it adventurous,

create your own path.

Make our own choices,

liaise with our own passions…

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