Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur Part 1

Country: Malaysia

The journey to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia’s capital city) from Singapore can be in many forms of transportations.I love the trains,coach and budget planes!If you take the train using KTM,it will take u about 7hours.And they have a time schedule. (Oh they do accept online booking and credit card but it must be booked few days earlier)

If by coach,they have schedules too but there are so many different coaches that they can overlap each other at times.Singaporeans often take the most comfy luxurious looking buses.Fares are from $20-$45 per trip.This will often take about 4-5 hours.But if you are not that peculiar about its comfyness (any coach will do) , just head to Beach Road, Golden Landmark,Lavender bus station and the recent one-behind Mustafa Centre.

travel tip/trick:Scan thru newspapers for promotions.Current hot promotion is with Orange coach whereby 2 days 1 night stay in 5 star hotel (legend hotel near Chow Kit) plus 2 way coach travel is only SGD$99!!!Unbelievable!!And that area has many night bazaars/markets.
And thanks to the introduction of budget airlines, we can get to KL in just within 40mins-1 hour for as cheap as SGD$38 (although promo stated SGD$5,after including all the taxes=$38)Still it is cheaper than some coaches and it took only an hour max!
For me personally, I love all forms of transport.Sometimes, I feel like taking the coach,sometimes the trains…and at times planes but mostly,car…for roadtrips cos its the most convenient.I love to stop wherever and whenever cos when u travel,u will never know what “treasures” u will encounter so rather than regretting it later,its best to feed your curiousity at that moment,right then!

Ok..this trip is a short one.Got some matters to attend to.I’ve checked my favourite budget airline and it seems on that special day, Im departing there is a certain promotion of SGD$5 one way!Woo-hoo! (of course as mentioned,after adding all the taxes-SGD$38) Do note that,the plane does not stop at KLIA but at their budget terminal.But I like when they depart from Changi Airport terminal 1.It felt luxurious like Im embarking on a mysterious faraway adventure because all the other major airlines are stationed there too hehe!

Airasia airlines are booked online. So hassle free and its-print-ur-own- boarding-pass! Just be there 2-3 hours earlier before departing time to check in (as usual) and enjoy what freebies Changi airport has to offer…e.g free 15 min internet, free machine foot massages,free flow of water cooler *lol and loads more…

Ok,Im feeling excited usual when Im flying irregardless how long/short it is,to me every trip is an adventure-“U will never know what u are gonna get”…

The last time, I was on airasia was last year.And this time,they have upgraded their seats to LEATHER…woo-hoo!

Ooh…the clouds looked so good and perfect…. *awe

Alhamdulillah,reached safe and sound…40mins later..

Reached LCCT,Kl budget terminal. (oops…the site also looked kinda low budget that I thought I got into the wrong site!)

Many fast-food restaurants from KFC,MB to McD and Coffeebean,Starbucks..

Upon reaching, u can pre-booked bus trip with air asia at discounted price or u can just hop onto any buses available there to KL sentral (KTM) for RM$9.

From there,u can take the monorail to Bukit Bintang or any other rails.

I love this initiative-hand sanitizer at every station stop. Ok,reached the Agora Hotel-2 star.Normally, I will opt for Capitol Hotel, or any other 3-4 stars but since Im on a tight budget here.2 star will suffice for now.

Furthermore, where can u get this type of view (below) with the twin tower hovering in a distance for just RM$108 per nite?!!(although the window is actually the one and only back end view) I only have 2 openings (note its not window,its opening) one is at the door,the other is in the bathroom.I think I can squeeze my body out in case of emergency.Hmm..

Ok,the cleanliness is mmm..okay.Did find few droplets of dry blood beneath the sheets (YIKES?!!) And the toilet is alright.They do provide toiletries like shower cap,shampoo,liquid soap. And they provide me with a bottle of mineral water but I noticed the cap is kinda detached,so Im not gonna touched that…

Got to be happy with whatever I have,alhamdulillah…

Within minutes of messing everything up …Got into the shower and Im ready to prowl the streets for some food and socialising with the local crowd.
travel tip/trick: I was mistaken for a student thus I let it be.Cos when u are a student,people dont expect much from you especially tips hehe!Either the constant book in my hand is creating that “student look” or perhaps, I really look nerdy…whatever it is, no one questions students,they let them roam anywhere everywhere in peace…

p.s:if you are wondering why this blog post looked weird, Im wondering too..Cos few weeks of not blogging,suddenly felt awkward,everything seems so misplaced… *sigh

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