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Thank you for participating in the discussions: Facebook(Perhaps,Domino’s should take note of the many suggestions given by our fellow foodies)

Upon hearing that its back in Singapore (woohoo with Halal certification!), I decided to give Domino a try though Im a bit skeptical cos of the many choices of pizzas we have here.(refer to: http://www.putriberendam.com/category/delivery/ )

But I keep an open mind,hey if another brand adds fire to a lil competition and elevates the yummy standards of pizzas here,why not? and I was told that their delivery is speedy.

Promise: Pizza being delivered within 30 mins. For real? But erm…certain areas only. Ok,so we head to the joint near to Kovan station, just cross over/opposite of Heartland Mall near Simon Road .It was 10.53am.The door was open so we entered just to find out that they are only open at 11am but we were welcomed with cheerful smiles.

The restaurant is vibrantly coloured .They should open for breakfast cos the colours really rejuvenate my senses saying “WAKE UP to the colours of the world!”. (Wait,is there such thing as pizza for breakfast?) Its a self-service kiosk like in Coffee bean.Order first and wait for your name to be called. I have no idea what to order althought the foodies in FB did give me some tips.I decided to ask the counter staff.She was mediocrely helpful.I ask her about delivery and ask for brouchures,she ask me to call up the hotline(?!?hmm..)

As i look up at the menu board,I need someone to confidently tell me what to order.Looking at the many menu items, Im kinda lost.Im not even sure what type of pizza crust should I opt for.But I know what type of fillings I want,the more meaty options there are,the more Im addicted.Thus I chose the “EXTRAVAGANZA” with the minced beef,pepperonis,cabanossi (what the heck is that?It sounds yummy),furthermore the word on the menu “WORLD FAMOUS” got me sold.

I chose the thinly crust.I asked her what are the differences.She said,the classic hand toast is like the normal pizza hut kinda crust thus I heard the word NORMAL, I said NEXT, but then as I found out later,that is Domino’s signature crust (oops?).But I guess it should be alright,if its good,no matter what,it will be good in thick,thin or no crust.hehe!

I chose the set meal.A regular pizza + onion rings+ bbq jumbo wings (4pcs) + twisted bread =abt $29.80.Drinks not included. So I chose green tea 1.5l for $2. For alacarte,there is also a “half and half” whereby u can opt for 2 different types of fillings on one pizza (Cool!If I have an idea what are the bestest filling flavours..)

After ordering,I waited for about 20minutes.Wasnt really happy about it .What Im not happy about is NOT the waiting time for the pizza but instead,the counter staff should have given me my drinks and what other appetisers that can be send out earlier.Cos Im kinda thirsty and kinda hungry.Looking around in the restaurant to entertain myself is not a great idea.Cos my imagination started spinning..I imagined waiters/waitresses on rollerskates serving me alongside monkeys in a suit.(yikes!Where did that idea come from?)

I do not want to wait for the whole package,Im EATING IN and not waiting to have it delivered…but to my horror,eating is is almost equivalent to delivery .Look below…

Look at the package I received after waiting for about 20minutes (above). YIKES! All made to-go. Are they chasing me away? Hmm..but look on the bright side,if the restaurant bores me or if I got carried away and was late for some appointments, I can just leapt and run with all the food in their packages,right? Or if u bring a cat along for the ride,and it suddenly ran out with its leash..u can just grab ur food and GO! *chuckles

Seriously,they should just save the restaurant space and make a walk-in and walk out counter like a “drive-in” for walking customers or they should just scrap it and turn into a drive in!Woo-hoo! (I think they need a juggler or fire-eater perhaps a magician *twinkling… to entertain the customers)

Ok as I unravel the “mysterious” food from its packages….

Ok let’s address the main issue.Tastewise.The pizzas are alright.It tasted like PIZZA. Crispy thin crust.Not bad…Ok.I like the breaded onion rings with a hint of cheesy dust, twirly bread (like mild soft cushiony garlic bread)will be perfect if it is added a tiny wee bit of salt (its weird coming from me who dont use salt in her cooking,I only use nampla-fish sauce)The jumbo chicken wings,save it,u can do better with oyster sauce/bbq sauce and raw chicken wings at home. My verdict for now (cos its a newbie,its pardonable): I might return if there is buy 1 get 1 FREE pizza….heheh..cheapskate flogger.

Domino’s,I have just one question for you-U boast that ur company is the world’s no .1 Pizza delivery company.What does that mean-Pizza delivery speed or pizza quality?Hmm…

For now,if EVER I feel like eating pizza, I checked with my inner mood,its like wearing a mood ring:

Dine In mood:Pizza Hut

Delivery mood: Sarpinos Pizza (I love their crust which is still soft & good till the next morning)

Not much money but very hungry mood -Call delivery:Canadian 2 for 1

Bored and tired of italian/western pizza mood-Either dine in/delivery-Japanese Oishi pizza

If nothing can perk me up mood:-Make my own pizza and add loads of meats.YUM!

Location: Domino’s Pizza

KOVAN branch

943/945 Upper Serangoon Road



Delivery hotline:62226333 (limited areas)

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p.s: I dunno how u guys felt on local pizza,but I feel that its not as YUMMY as anywhere else in the world…I cannot put a finger on it..is it the ingredients?Or its the flavours or perhaps our CHEESE aint cheesy enough.Oh well, whatever…the keyboard crappiness and the blog indentation/paragraphing is going haywire thus that adds to the “bo-chap”ness (if u have to type every single letter twice on the keyboard in the dimly litted room,I bet u too will succumb to the “cannot be bothered attitude” or u can call it flogger’s PMS…)

Disclaimer: Food featured are subject to my personal taste. I hold no responsibility for your body’s gastronomical adventure.All food shown are either from Halal-certified or Muslim owned establishments(with no liquour/alcoholic beverages).I will try my utmost best to update and maintain the relevant information shown,insya-Allah…but your body,your responsibility.Do ensure that the Halal-certificates are up-to-date,renewed (not expired) and displayed promptly before ordering/consuming. If in doubt,always ask the staff with a smile.

Remember: Use ur senses especially your heart.But mainly, ask your iman (faith).

Don’t assume: A headdress/scarf lady is not equal to HALAL. “No pork no lard” signage is not equal to HALAL. A crescent moon and star symbol is not equal to HALAL. Not all Mediterranean (e.g Turkish kebab), Malaysian, Indonesian cuisines (especially Nasi Padang food) is HALAL. Whatever franchise that is HALAL in Malaysia,Indonesia or in any muslim country does not mean it is HALAL in Singapore or anywhere else. Your body,your responsibility, check its HALAL authenticity. More on disclaimer?

Thank you for your kind attention.

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