Plaza Singapura-$7.90+ Pizza hut lunch promotion

Around 11.30am, I was here at Plaza Singapura..all dressed up with my lucky boots…Sudden craving for pizza…

Wanted to go to Pastamania but it was dimly lit and the staff were discussing something…kinda like a meeting..then i proceed to Pizza hut..

A staff greeted me warmly and brightly…I was the only customer..and I believe they just opened for business …

Saw the lunch hour promotion set for $7.90++ includes soup of the day and soft drinks.5 mins later, the mushroom soup came.It was alright,thick and not bad…but the mushrrom felt the rawness as if it just exited from a packed can.

15mins later,the personal pan pizza came, hot and piping..I chose the meatier ones…I cannot recall the name…In this promotion, I can also choose pasta or baked rice instead of the pizza .But the varieties are limited.
Mmmm..watched me as I devoured this pizza on my own ….Often I had to share with many,this time Im on my own, WOO-hoo!
See those melted cheese webs…..Mmmmm…
Look at those big size minced meat…and pepperoni and Mmmm…
Overall verdict: Love it! I had always enjoyed dining in Pizza hut.But I do love other pizzas as well…If I favour a different type of taste, I would choose Oishi Pizza and if I am in a lazy mood, I opt to order Sarpino’s Pizza…the crust will taste good the next day even if I dont toast it again…and if I feel like eating LOADS then Canadian Pizza is the one for me (2 for the price of 1) ….YUM!! Ive always like Supreme and Hawaiian and this pizza is the closest to supreme.

And their customer service is exceptional.I dunno whether the constant flashes from my camera thru out the restaurant or is it my formal outfit today…but then as I indulge in the constant attention of the staff.I realised that the other couple (who just came in) did not have such luck.

They went to the toilet for 15minutes and the food was served when they were not there.and I think by the time they come back, it was already cold.But they did not complain, but I saw the looks on their faces kinda like ?!?!

If Im not wrong, when I was learning to be a pizza waitress, we were told to serve only when the customers are around.And if they werent, we need to bring it back and keep in a warmer or something…or perhaps wait till the customers are seated again before serving/cooking…whatever it is, enjoyment of the food in hot piping delicious flavours are always our top priorities…and they weren’t constantly asked by the staff whether they need anything…like me, I was asked almost every 10minutes…

travel tip/trick: to get good service in Singapore’s restaurant, bring ur camera and act important.Dress well, if u can…and then flash on the food, take many food pics ….as if u are a food taster..

total cost is about $9.30 (+GST+service charge and what TAX??)

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Plaza Singapura

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