Orchard Road-Four seasons Durian@Ngee Ann City

Four Seasons Durian
391 Orchard Rd #B2-07
Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872

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I was checking up on old cravings of Mee Soto at Takashimaya staff canteen but its no longer here.Thus scanning thru the many lil stalls at Ngee Ann City, I found this!!!DURIANs!!

I had longed for a pure durian puffs and crepes.It seems my prayers are answered.Alhamdulillah.There are durian pancakes,mochi… too?Hmm…interesting…

Counting the coins that I have….I bought crepes and the puffs.Total-about $7.

Interestingly the popular ones are durian puffs.I ate it instantly but I think it needs time to be thawed at room temperature perhaps…cos it tasted like eating Durian frozen ice-cream.

I prefer the thin crepes rolled up with creamy soft durian pulp.YUMMY!!And its sweetness is just nice.Love it!
Insya-Allah next time, perhaps….DURIAN MOCHI?Mmm….
travel tip/trick: To neutralise the heatiness of durians, try add a tiny dash of salt in the durian skin and add some water and drink.Or easiest….is to find Queen of Fruits-MANGOSTEEN!And it will help to reduce the heatiness,insya-Allah….

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