Battle of the Chicken chops…

If u had been cruising in my facebook fanpage , u would have participate in my random curiousity questions/survey.Even though u might not shout it out loud, I bet..once I mentioned chicken chops, there might be some yummilicious images displayed in ur head.And I bet many of you have their own favourite stalls in mind.

Anyway,alhamdulillah….I get to taste not one or two but 3!!

I do have my favourites too.One at Bedok,and the other at Tampines but once Ive tasted these 3…Ive forgotten about those yummy memories….

Anyway,to tread on memory lane,previous chicken chops post: (sorry abt the photobucket,but scroll down and u will see my fav tampines chicken chop)

Before I reveal these delicious treats.Imagine large flatten juicy tender chicken thigh being marinated and will be charbroiled to perfection and served with dollops of brown sauce,mashed potatoes and salad…served by a smiling waiter/ress just for you.Hot and piping,fresh from the oven/griller…Cooked to perfection. And Im not referring to those 5 stars restaurants.Im referring to a typical hawker stall type of stalls serving top-notch restaurant quality food. Salivating isnt it?Are u drooling yet? *hold those droolz bucket…

I think I will keep those stall names on hold till I get sufficient response from u guys….

So tell me,where are your FAVOURITE chicken chop stalls??? (can be anywhere in the world) and if u can include me a picture,that will be great if not…its ok..I just want to know WHERE its located….



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