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Happy New Year and embrace the change…

“We are not the same persons this year as last; nor are those we love. It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person.” – William Somerset Maugham

New Year,new resolution.This year,muslim calendar sets an earlier date to a vibrant new year.While everyone is rejoicing at the oncoming festivities and new resolutions,we are ahead.Our new year is at the corner.Resolutions are already listed waiting to be carried out in just a matter of days.

When one looked back in the past, one will be bamboozled by the contrast of changes that one had gone in life with or without us knowing,we CHANGE.For good or better,that depends on you,the author of ur own life.

We cannot change our past. We can not change the fact that people act in a certain way. We can not change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.” -Charles R. Swindoll

Everything change.Even when u think u are not changing,u are changing, the earth is changing.Sometimes, we dont approve of these changes but it had to happen.Everything happen for a reason.And every cloud DO have a silver lining.Keep a positive mind.Even when things dont go ur way,embrace it positively.Sometimes the goodness are not seen now but insya-Allah later.In order to change,one will have to let go of fear.One has to adapt to the lil discomforts that often come with it.

Alhamdulillah,I looked back and am still not able to believe what I had gone thru in the last 12 months but Im thankful for the opportunities rises, the chances given,the wonderful people that I met from beautiful colours of the world and lastly the chance to voice out and share with you what I had learnt.My journeys,my travels,food delights,happyness, tearyness,tiredness,awesomeness and loads more.Thank you for joining me in my quest and for all the valuable comments,tips and recommendations and not forgetting endless motivational comments and queries received thru emails and blogs.Thank you from the heart.

“We must become the change we want to see.” – Mahatma Gandhi

If you want to see a change,it must start from yourself,from within.Dont wait for others.Dont wait for someone to start the ball rolling.You got the key.You can start rolling the ball now.Dont push anything that is good to later.Do it NOW.

Next year insya-Allah, we will try to find more HEALTHY alternatives e.g Vegetarian or Organic and all that,insya-Allah.I try not to ignore those HALAL certified vegetarian stalls and vegetarian restaurants (cos Im a meat eater,steak kinda gal).And if there are ORGANIC HALAL theme eateries, I gladly embraced them.Do inform me of such pleasures.

Anyone worldwide who wish to showcase their delicious gastronomical food in the local country, feel free to join us and share with us ur lovely thoughts and creative funky food pictures in and do keep a tab on my tweets ( ) cos that is the most updated info on new halal eateries which I chanced upon in my daily routine.

Do continue giving me your support and prayers.Hopefully,this blog will be recognised worldwide and insya-Allah hopefully,I can cover the HALAL food of the world of various countries and touch upon their beautiful cultures and way of living.insya-Allah amin.Keep me in ur prayers,always as you will always be in mine,insya-Allah amin.

Happy New Year,everyone!
Embrace the change and lead a healthier life physically,spiritually and emotionally.

Thank you.


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