Halal Swedish Cafe-Fika Cafe

Few months ago, someone (thanks!) email me regarding this cafe,perhaps its the owners cos the blog that was associated to it was http://www.tasjoakim.blogspot.com/ and I assume its the owners’ blog.

Anyway thought of having a meet,eat and burp session here but due to unexpected projects popping up, I had to rush it up and make an impromptu appearance at this cafe at 11am (on the dot,right at its opening time hee!)

As I was walking down the beach road near Bali lane (same row as Nabins and boutique cafe -both are muslim owned), I noticed a new entry-“Mohmin Arabic Restaurant”….Interesting!

Then I reach Fika Cafe.

First glance, it looked quite clean and relaxing with its cream colours deco, with its country theme, kinda posh…felt like Im in Europe transported in time…as I enter into its delightful interior, I felt relaxed as if it open up its arms and embrace me.

Although it just open its doors at 11am, everything on the menu is available including steak. I bet u must have known what Im gonna order right? Yeah, of course! The meatballs… (Cos of endless cravings for IKEA ones)

There was a group of Caucasian family that was before me,waiting for its opening.Then after me, another Caucasian couple came in with its local tour agent (cos I can hear her speak,the place is small thus, we basically can hear each other’s munching sounds) and then soon after more Ang-mohs..Most come in for a light snack or FIKA (I guess), beverages or late breakfast.I guess Im the only one who was anticipating a heavier brunch.

Ok cut to the chase, I ordered the Swedish pancakes and meatballs. The food come less than 10minutes later.It was prompt and served with a smile.It looked GOOD too.Hmm, as I taste the pancake aka Svenska pankakor med sylt och vispgrädde” that look like a Malay lempeng (pancake) a cross breed between roti jala and prata.It was not bad.Especially when the sides are vanilla ice cream, fresh whip cream and hmm…a reddish jam.I wonder what is it made of, but it tasted homemade.Perhaps, it is Lingonberry.Price $9.90. I like the Vanilla ice-cream and the jam.2 pieces of pancakes is not that filling(I expect it to be as thick as American pancakes hee!But perhaps Swedish pancakes are thinner)thus, u can have tummy space for more food delights.

The swedish meatballs aka “Svenska köttbullar med persiljepotatis och lingonsylt” Served with home-made creamy sauce, parsley potatoes and lingonberry jam. The mild sourish potatoes are well-cooked,best eaten with the creamy sauce and sweet citrus berry jam.The meatballs, hmm…it tasted authentic meatballs being 90% or more meat than the usual ones u found frozen in the supermarket.But erm, it tasted like meatballs.Price $16.90Perhaps, I was expecting more out of it after years of yearning for IKEA meatballs.But I remembered when I was in IKEA or IKANO in KL last year, the cream sauce was similar to what I had back then. Perhaps,the cream sauce and lingonberry jam are the swedish well-known traits in food.

Overall verdict-it was a sweet delight tasting different cuisines of different part of the world.I like the ambience though the price can be steep and the food aint that huge (as compared to IKEA).Perhaps, I might come back to try out their mouth watering looking cakes at the counter.Hmm..

Don’t forget it has a 10% service charge…and u can book ur seats early by calling them up @63969096 .Seats are limited,seriously…

Fika Cafe (muslim-owned)

No. 257 Beach Road / Arab Street,




Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 11am-11pm

Sat-Sun 12pm-11pm

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p.s: I think someone should start innovating the taste of HALAL meatballs, how about lamb+mutton(mixed) meatballs for a change?Or cow and chicken and fish (yikes?!)Hmm…

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