TP Prata and Nasi Lemak @ Blk 210 Toa Payoh

I was here often …about 10 years ago when I was teaching temporarily at Beatty Secondary.The malay stall back then ,opened early and sell delicious Malay breakfast.

But as I seek the old usual stall, it was no longer there.There are many stalls but I cannot see any muslim stalls till I slowed down my pace.At the back, the outer most rows of stalls nearest to the market, there stood a small indian stall selling prata.There was a long queue.mostly from chinese customers.I sat down and just watch what they are ordering.Most of them ordered many pratas -to go.

As I watched the man fling and flung and spread the prata dough.I was mesmerized at this skill.Not easy, ok? Try doing it at home, and soon, u will get aches…

TP PRATA stall #01-215

Ordered egg prata and plain prata.I had to wait about 10mins for my turn.And another 10mins for my prata to arrived.It was a HOT selling item!

The curry that came with it is mutton curry with some chewy meaty bits.YUM!

As I look at the prata,it looked different than the many pratas that I had savoured in my years.It looked like the ones my granny used to make.It looked soft and homemade (liat2,kenyal).And true enough, as I was trying to cut it into bite sized,it was soft yet u can taste the humble ingredients in it.I remembered my granny said to make prata is simple-all u need is flour,salt and water.No need for other extra ingredients…

I do not know how to explain it, but when I ate it , I felt like I was being transported back in my childhood days.It is a definite old school.It tasted original. Its different. Its delicious!

Do give this stall a try and tell me what u think… Its a winner in my long list of roti prata stalls.

Then I heard the prata man wanted to eat nasi lemak and ask his assistant to buy it for him.I followed her (cos I cannot find any HALAL stalls) and then I found it! Admist the many chinese food stalls, in between it..there it stood, vibrantly lively..

I do not know what is the name of this stall.the only enlarged font, I can find is “PLEASE TELL US YOUR TABLE NUMBER”..Hmm..

Ordered some take-away nasi lemak cost only $2.50 with fried chicken wings.And the sweet sambal is good! Love the anchovies fact the whole nasi lemak is good!Hmm..perhaps, next gonna try Mee Soto?Cos it kept calling out to me….hehe!

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Blk 210 Market and food centre,
Toa Payoh Lor 8,

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