Tiffin Bhavan@Campbell Lane

I decided to walk memory lane (in little India) and try out Tiffin Bhavan.

We came early morning about 8am.Unsure what to order.We decided to try their appam and kutu bamboo.The man suggested to us to try appam with red sugar and coconut milk(?!)Unsure with that combination,we just agreed.And boy, it was delicious!Even the appam looks different.It is not those crispy at the sides but looked more like homemade pancakes that are thick.Yum!

I’ve never eaten appam with cold coconut milk and red sugar.This is the first for me.The kutu bamboo was alright.The ginger tea was shiokly MILKY! Not as spicy but milky.Love it!

Do note… the menu changes daily.

I love the food here but erm…Hmm…need to improve on service.I encounter a rude waiter.But it is a one time damper cos often Ive been here i wasnt treated that bad.The first man that serve us was nice,though.Dont worry,insya-Allah will visit this gem often…

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Tiffin Bhavan
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