Nurilah Malay food @Blk 91 Whampoa Drive

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Anyhow,it felt great to be back.Often my ex-students were lurking around waiting for their school buses.This time if they were still lurking around,they will have to stay back for detention cos that denotes they are LATE for school!

Anyway,this food centre has always been busy even during weekdays.I will be lucky if I can spot an empty seat.Sad to say,there are not many Halal stalls here but can this one stall make up for that shortage? Hmm,let’s find out!

Nasi lemak -fragrant coconut steamed rice with fried chicken,anchovies and nuts….

Squid with roe…oohlala!

Mee Soto (Chicken soup noodles with fried potato cutlet and shredded chicken meat and dollops of sambal belacan (bird’s eye chilli paste)

Fresh batch of curry puffs-Both potatoes and sardine puffs are quite tasty.

Verdict: The curry puffs are so delicious especially the sardine ones.The plus point are due to the fact that they are just freshly fried.Tasted so homemade…YUMMY!50 cents each.

The clear broth of Mee Soto is delicious plus the fiery sambal belacan (chilli) will surely make a grown man cry.With a full potato cutlet and generous heaps of chicken meat. The broth is quite tasty when eaten on its own. And together with the chilly paste,it became a powerful combination which is a must try!

Nasi lemak is another old school winner with its sweet sambal and fragrant rice.And not forgetting the nasi padang (rice dishes) with spicy squid with roe.Yum!

For sure,this is a stall that need frequent visits cos the food reminds me of authentic homecooked malay food. Mmmm…I like!

Closed at night.Erm, I forgot to ask what time.They sell satay in the evenings.

Anyway,the other next door food centre has one Halal stall.Unsure about the banana fritters though…

Nurilah Malay food

Blk 91 Whampoa Drive #01-18

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P.S: Sidetracked from eating…there is an offer of $2.80 at Snips avenue blk 85 Whampoa.That is a good offer than the usual $3.80!I’ve always wondered why it cost so much to trim the excess hair on the head especially when u have many kids and trying to save up, this is a GOOD offer!! Hmm…

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