Kg Temenin-Friday prayer,house visit and supper (Part 6)

Head to the downtown mosque at 12.30pm.The mosque is of medium size.Taken my ablution from home.As I head to the small female prayer room,men started pouring in.

The friday khutabahs is about Korban,sacrifice.I was the only female in the room thruout the prayer.Alhamdulillah.After completion,we head home and eat some kuehs and light lunch .As if Sis Zai can read my mind,she cooked my favourite food-ayam masak merah (chicken in tomato and chilli stew) and sambal goreng !POWER!
Thank you to these hardworking villagers who has been continuously working behind the scene in the kitchen area to create delicious sumptious meals for us.Jazakallahu Khair!

In the evening we head back to the surau for some mutton soup and dalcha eaten with bread.YUM!
Oops..I guess I was late, left the bones only.But the soup is nice.Then head home to relax and free time. They showed me a video on flood in 2006/2007.It happened 2X in that period.At first when the flood happens, the first time,lots of tears flowed,many furnishings and stuff are destroyed.And then they clean up without knowing the second flood is coming.When it came,no more tears can flow anymore…

It was quite a sad video.The flood covers up the first storey of most buildings.

I saw some books in the bedroom.I scrutinised the religious and malay novels.I had never read a malay novel in my entire life especially love novels.Because to me, Malay language is very delicate but hold powerful meaning.I can say I LOVE YOU in many languages but not in malay because I felt its too powerful (hee!)

Anyway,I decided to try it out.And BOY!Was I magnetized,once I read it, I cannot stop.Reading a book is even better than watching movies because our minds are so powerful that the imagination create a much better vision than the cinemas.That is why most movies that was created from bestseller books disappoint me because if I read the story from the book before hand and then I watch the movie,it is always not as good as I expected because my imagination has already created the most powerful story in the mind thus…

Anyway,I finish the book within 5 hours (about 300pages).It was a love story of young couple life’s journey thru marriage ,sufferings of in-laws and separation and ending with a blissful reunion unexpectedly.I love happy endings but I think the story is too much for me.Or perhaps, I read too fast,thus its too ovewhelmingly wicked in some parts that I got turn off, but that is the truth of life.

Was watching this iquana walking thru the garden searching for food and then it suddenly found a tiny snail and CRUNCH!We heard the snail shell being squashed and then spit out.Erm, siput lemak,anyone?

In the evening,we went house visit to another house that participate in the homestay program.(I was told they do get some money/allowance by participating)

I like the rich wooden texture in the interior decoration.The dark brown colour of wood.Mmm…


This house is known for conducting workshops to tourists and students from local and overseas as far as Japan.They weave these items e.g baskets.. using newspaper but it look like twigs or rattan right? COOL!

The pinang fruit is used to make the flower in this frame.

The leaves are made from rubber trees…

This used to be for drying coffeebeans but they no longer grow coffee trees…
At night,after isya, we head to the surau for some motivational talk (about sacrifice)-everyone can sacrifice something,contribute time,spread the word of Islam to the world.Dont u think the setup reminded u of the forum perdana held on Malaysia TV? hmm…
There were nasyid of a young girls group singing 2 songs.Whenever anyone sing songs about the Prophet (s.a.w),everyone get up and join in.We stand thruout the song.This is something new to me.Such respect….(I did not take any photos cos laziness sets in, perhaps getting tired)
But the main thing that is on my mind from the talk is that-A german priest came to a Sheikh muslim scholar and ask 4 questions.And if the Sheikh can answer these questions,he is willing to be a muslim.(and alhamdulillah he did revert to Islam)The talk is in Malay thus pardon my poor translation skills.The questions are:

1)In Al-Quran,it is stated that there are 4 rivers in the Paradise made of milk,honey,wine and pure water.How is it possible that the water of the rivers are not mixed.How did they get separated without any borders,their own channels?

The Sheikh answer with a question,our face has different channels, how is it that the face can produce water from eyes,nose,ears and mouth.And each are different in taste and.. so how is that possible?If God can create this on earth, how about Paradise?

2)In Al-Quran it is stated that the people that dwell in it will not have to go to the toilet at all even thought they have bountiful of fruits,food and drinks in Paradise.How is that possible?

The Sheikh answer:The unborn baby in the mother’s stomach eat alot from the mother’s diet but the baby do not defecate or produce stools (berhajat).If God can produce this on earth,how about Paradise?

3)In the Al-Quran, it is stated that the bridge(Siratul mustaqim) is made of a strand of hair divided by 7.How is that possible?how can a single strand of hair be divided by even one?

The Sheikh answer: The moon,stars were position nicely in the sky and night falls systematically after day.Did u see any curtain or rope being pulled or the stars being placed?How did that happen?If God can produce this on earth,how is that impossible in hereafter?

4)In the Al-Quran stated that when we die, we will be woken up and alive in the hereafter to face judgement day and enter paradise.So how can the dead be alive after their bones have become dust?

the Sheikh answer: On earth there are areas where the seawater and freshwater converge but fo not mixed.They do not have a physical barrier to separate them.How is that possible? If God can create this on earth then how about hereafter?

Wallahu alam bissowab.

Beautiful display of fireworks..again my reflex was slow.This is the only picture I can get.

After the talk, there was the korban meat cooked to perfection in curries and kicap.The dinner was light for me.I love the soya sauce mutton (kambing masak kicap).I did not take the meat cos its too BIG but one lady peel some meat for me.DELICIOUS!The meat was so tender and the kicap is thick tasted like combination of sweet caramelised soyasauce and black pepper. 6 out of 5 stars!!Alhamdulillah.

After that me and my newfound family went sightseeing.It was a surprise cos I thought we are heading home.We went thru plantations,towns and houses…it was dark but adventurous roaming in some dark unruly roads.

Then they head to a restaurant.I wasnt aware where we are going actually.Thruout I kept hearing about an indian restaurant called ROSMERAH.But when we reach there ,it was packed (on raya night?!!) and so we settled for this one..

TEh tarik was SHIOK! Erm, the one beside it is carrot with warm…
Nasi PAttay looked YUMMY!But rice is too heavy for supper (to me)
Chicken soup
Mee Bandung was alright.
The cat is awaiting for more chicken meat from Sis Zai….Look at those gleaming eyes!
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