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Kg Temenin-Barbecue on Raya eve (Part 4)

Soon,evening fall and it was time for a barbecue.YIPEE!!

i love the crickets sound and the glittering skies full of stars.Even when it rain,before or after,I can still see the stars glittering unlike in Singapore. Give me a sleeping bag and I can sleep in the open fields..too bad it was drench.Cos it smell nice.The smell of fresh rain.Falling pitter pattering on my shoulders.I love the rain!

This is a family reunion dinner and Im invited to be a part of was fun, u can see the fun side and happy lifestyle of this family.Everyone can participate.Old, young, kid anyone can seat together and join in the conversation.That kinda remind me on how I was brought up-we were told NEVER to listen in or participate in ADULTS conversation.It is RUDE.But I guess generation changes thruout the time.Old practice might not work now,perhaps.

I like the part where the daughter in laws can actually joke with the father in law like friends.And grandpa actually sat beside me and chat with me.He is one cool guy telling me stories and all that.Hmm…I love this family!

Roasted chicken with dollops of homemae chilli.DELICIOUS!!And the fresh!!
This is charcoaled roasted tapioca(ubi bakar).It is said to be good for women especially to remove “darah putih” after giving birth and all that headaches.

Hey its playtime!!YIPEE!! Here u can play with all sorts of fireworks(sorry my cam cannot capture it, too fast,after all that food, my reflex is kinda S-L-O-W)…just have to be careful…In Singapore,its illegal thus we can only experience it during special events done by the professionals e.g National Day
Kids playing and Im joining in!!!

Aah…tummy full of yummies and I felt sleepy….I dont hear any mosquitoes though Im in the open.Alhamdulillah. Zzzz….I wonder how is the Korban gonna be tomorrow? Hmm…*excited
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