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This is overdue post cos I need to wait till the whole series of workshops are completed.Cos it would not be fair to those who actually paid for these workshops.

Anyway this is what I’ve gone thru and insya-Allah I will try to share with you what I had learnt.There are bound to have mistakes here and there,feel free to correct me.Thank you.


This is the first time I set in Al-Falah mosque after decades cos its located in the city and I’ve not been in Orchard road for ages. Anyway,the new face of Al-Falah mosque welcomes me in the sunday morning.

(Eh,u can drop ur teens here while u go shopping..woo-hoo!)

Erm,no this is not the classroom,this is the toilet..Im impressed with the toilet…after the renovation.Hmm…

There werent many people at the moment cos I came too early. As I went to the registration, I realised my name was on number 1-“Putri Berendam” heheh!Such a glamourous name…

After I paid the $25 course fee for the day. I proceed to recce the mosque and took some snapshots.Ok,cut to the chase…

The classroom is air-con and conducive kinda cosy.There are 2 speakers to the seminar.One is the well known al-Hafiz Ustaz Firdaus Yahya and the CEO of SAHL international, MR Shahlan Hairalah.He has more than 10 years of experience working in the HALAL department, MUIS.

Fyi-The seminar is in Malay language so pardon my translation skills.They do intend to create an English workshop insya-Allah in the future.

1)The first talk by Ustaz Firdaus Yahya.

He started explaining about HALAL concept.It meant on the whole,overall concept.He emphasize that consumers should take HALAL in their own hands and judge it for themselves and Don’t wait or expect from the authorities replies only.(e.g MUIS)They have their own empowerment.

HALAL taken from the Arabic word “HAL” which meant permissible for muslims and opposite is HARAM,which is forbidden.This does not only refer to halal food and drinks only but it also refers to everything;actions,usage,words e.g our unconscious mind/thoughts.Whether that flicker of thought that appear in your heart, is it halal or not?

God wants the best for us that is why we have to accept it with open heart so that we can see its benefits.e.g why is pork prohibited?We have to accept what God has ordered for us without questions 100% that shows submission to God unlike Bani Israel who questions everything and anything.We must accept it and insya-Allah there will be guidance (petunjuk).

Unconscious thoughts in our hearts (Lintasan hati) have two parts.First,it can be controlled and second it cannot be controlled.Either you do it on purpose or unintentionally.Not on purpose,if the thoughts appear unintentionally, it is not considered a sin but if you act upon it, it is considered a sin.But if you have good thoughts, you will get reward even if you dont act upon it.(Alhamdulillah)

Scientists said that it is all in the mind.

Why do we have negative thoughts (e.g buruk sangka)? Cos sometimes, these thoughts happen and God prevent it from the beginning thus we dont act upon it.But if u have such thoughts but u dont do it, u will get reward for that.

HALAL food and drink intake

In the Holy Quran, there are 4 instances where the emphasis is on HALAL and TAYYIBAH (the best/the good) ;Al-Baqarah:168,Maidah:88,Anfal:69,Nahl:114. HALAL and TAYYIB is always complimenting each other and never meant as a separate.Why?

Why do we eat?To feed our hunger pangs and gain energy.
So do you EAT to LIVE or LIVE to EAT?humans eat depends on mood e.g Hari Raya or festivities, there are lots of food or else you can just settle for a piece of bread.

BECAUSE –HALAL food and drink not necessarily TAYYIB(good).
TAYYIB food is the best thus every TAYYIB must be HALAL.It makes us healthy.Muslims are asked to find food that are HALAL and TAYYIB.If HALAL but not TAYYIB, how?

Examples of HALAL food but not TAYYIB is garlic.
-Can be eaten by muslims but not in moderations
-e.g eating something unhealthy in large dosage/often or eating garlic when u are going to the mosque for congregration prayers (affect the people around u)

Another examples are:
-Sausage,fishballs and processed food-Ustaz said he dont eat them cos you never know what they put inside, it can be the feathers,beak or whatever it is, unknown…
-Carbonated drinks -Dont drink too much of it

We are unsure what chemical,bacteria …in our tummy thus God gives us guidelines.Therefore always dua (prayer) in this life and hereafter(dunia akhirat)cos sometimes we do not know the source of the Halal food can be Haram.

Everything that is TAYYIB must be HALAL.But everything that is HALAL does not mean it is TAYYIB.

b)HALAL Masybuh
It meant Halal food that one contemplates on its Halalness.Doubtful.e.g Chicken Rice sold by muslims but from non-muslims companies/factories (but if it is HALAL-certified that is ok)

HALAL depends on individual.If it is HALAL for me ,it might not be HALAL for you. e.g Non-Muslim stalls with NO PORK NO LARD sign but tended and served by muslims.You wonder…but then you think “How can muslims sell non-halal food?” so what to do?

No need to ask MUIS or authorities or HALAL organisations.ASK OURSELVES.EMPOWER OURSELVES.Follow the example set by our Prophet s.a.w: If u have the slightest doubts,forget it.We can live without these food.If you have no doubt at all ,100% conviction that it is HALAL then,go ahead,consume it.

HALAL is very clear.Sometimes,there are grey areas concerning HALAL that God created to test us.Remember to empower ourselves,dont just EAT IT(Sebat aje) cos for fear u might indulge in the HARAM even how persuasive the sales person is.If in DOUBT,LEAVE it.
Remember CONSUMER EMPOWERMENT. You decide.Ask yourself.Whether you are doubtful or not.Ask your heart and inner faith.

2)Second part of the workshop is conducted by the CEO of SAHL international ( http://www.sahlinternational.com/ )specialising in HALAL trading,consultancy,research.training,outsourcing,Halal audit etc..They are an international company located in Singapore.Clients included China and America.Their website has links and detailed information on Halal food.

Singapore is the best and we are lucky to be residing in it.Because its wide varieties of products/goods have legit HALAL certifications as compared to other Islamic nations e.g Dubai..and that includes its mineral water being Halal certified.

This is because Singapore has an open trading agreement thus the wide varieties of food coming in but then another question arise.Which one is really halal?

HALAL certification encompasses all.

from raw materials to storing to preparation to processing to storage to packaging and lastly to delivery.(Everything must be 100% HALAL all the way)Take note: In any of the process,there must not be any dubious or doubtful ingredients nor storage e.g u cannot have both pork catering with HALAL catering in one van.

Even the packaging must be made of HALAL ingredients.And store rooms-everything must be HALAL,no sharing with non-HALAL products.There will be impromptu inspections for those premises having HALAL certifications.

The CEO further share with us stories about the impromptu inspections and checks conducted by the HALAL team.

Do you know that MUIS has one of the best HALAL systems because not only the products that need HALAL Certification will be check upon, those products that are HALAL Certified by other countries and also stringent checks will also be conducted on products that are labelled as HALAL in supermarkets and eateries.And MUIS is from government body not many HALAL authorisation bodies are from government.In Australia, alone there are 300 certification organisations.

An interesting site shared:

p.s: I love this!I can bring it anywhere for reference!U can order with SAHLinternational.com ….

It was nicely done.The workshop was short and sweet and we get a bag of goodies!The steam fish chilli sauce is DELICIOUS.Tasted like the authentic asam pedas.(THKS!)

Well,done SAHL International and Darul Huffaz !

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