Gourmet Paradise@Toa Payoh HDB hub

Updated 2010-this food court is no longer there.

Updated 20.12.09>>Jus,a blog reader (thks!) has informed me that the canteen is undergoing renovation of some sort.And will be taken over by Koufu foodcourt.The Malay stalls will be replaced, I was told. *sigh.. another good food place gone.Im gonna miss you, fresh crispy big Garoupa + rice! But today (29.12.09) , I visited the place, it is still there..so enjoy them while there lasts!

I was told by someone on the blog (thks!) that there is a canteen in HDB hub,toa Payoh.Unsure where it was, I was told by another in www.twitter.com/putriberendam how to get there.(Thks!)Wow!Technology nowadays..

I thought there is only one food centre which is at Fork and Spoon but I was wrong.Well, I welcome new places with open tummy…so keep those tips rolling in…

This is one affordable and yummy food places to venture…

1)@Nasi padang stall-Overall the nasi padang is quite nice.Quite commendable that there are many food here so early in the morning.With wide variety of choices too!

Fried crispy tempeh is not bad too! The nasi padang stall sells good food but if their rice is of better quality perhaps,it can even be better!

I love the fried lungs (paru)soft and crispy and the chicken wing!!

This prawn looks inviting from afar thus I ordered a small plate of it $4.It tasted like malay sambal +indian masala.Yum!

The kueh is alright.Huge serving.

The middle kueh is nagasari which is steamed and u can see the middle part is banana (below)

2)@Nasi Ayam stall…but nasi ayam is not ready in the morning and so I ordered….
Mee siam is not bad.I saw many ordering their Mee Rebus…
I like the Malay kuehs@Nasi Ayam stall 50cents each but its large!

3)Ayam Penyet stall-sells gado-gado and tahu goreng (serve in wooden plates,it looked YUMMY!) in the morning and then later perhaps 9-10am,they sell ayam penyet,fish penyet and others….

The gado-gado is not bad.But I LOVE the garoupa rice(nasi garoupa) cost about $5.50 but the garoupa is fleshy as compared to some 5 star restaurant.I love the crunchy outer and tender inner flesh.Love it!Even the soup that comes with it is like chicken soup.The sambal(chilli paste)is alright.I like the belinjao crackers!

Gourmet Paradise
Basement 1,
HDB Hub 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
Singapore 310480
(opens on Saturday too!)

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p.s: The western food has a halal certificate but its not open ..so early in the morning like these stalls…and fresh fruit juices stall sell pomegranate juice for only $3.

fyi-just in case if you feel like going to a nearby fork and spoon foodcourt
fork and spoon1
Fork and spoon2
Fork and spoon 3
Fork and spoon 4

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