Blue Diamond Restaurant@Tampines Central

This is the restaurant that serves me one of the best fish head curry ever(but they no longer served it ).They have always been serving delicious curry and indian food at affordable price.I found this by chance as I was going towards Teh Tarek Coffeeshop for their delicious ice tea.

This is their second branch.The first branch is still opposite Tekka market (24 Buffalo Road Singapore 219791)

As compared to Mr Teh Tarik indian food, I find this stall has many chinese customers queing up for their food during lunch hours.I decided to order some takeaway.Told the man, that I want the rice with all sorts of curry mixed in my package.So that when I reached home, the rice will soaked up the curry goodness…with some fiery red looking chicken.

I thought it was tandoori chicken. I was mistaken,it was fried chicken.It was delicious.It felt like Singapore own nasi kandar.(no need to go to Penang) Anyway,the curry mixture plus the fried chicken and some vegetables cost only $3.50?!So affordable.And their servings as usual are generous.Yum!

Blk 504 Tampines Central 1
(opposite Mr Teh Tarik coffeeshop)

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Ok,now for that well-deserved thirst quenching ice milk tea…

ERm, I love their mee soto @Mr Teh Tarik…

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