Ah-Mei Cafe@IOI Plaza

This place is one of my favourite for Chinese handmade noodles.I had not been here in quite awhile.The same man is still doing the noodles by hand.YIPEE!! Look at the smiles….

My favourite noodles are DAN-DAN noodles (dry version with minced chicken meat). http://www.putriberendam.com/singapore/central/freshly-handmade-noodles-ah-mei-cafe-revisited/

I love their soups and Xiao long baos!(buns with soups inside)


This time, I wonder what to order…I have tried braised beef noodles and emperor chicken and buns, dumplings….all I like.Still wondering, I choose cold noodles randomly.It squeaked some curiousity cos Ive never tasted it….

Its not as icy cold as expected ..its not hot either.It tasted like indonesian instant mee goreng..with sesame oil and some spicy oil.It will be much better if there are meat inside cos I paid $4 for it.Its a bit disappointing cos its just noodles and crunchy vegetables (mainly cucumber).Hmm…

White chicken rice has always been good and no change in that.

But the waffles are delicious at $1.80 only.It beat Prima Deli waffles hands down.Cos of the crsipy sides.My makan buddy ordered pandan kaya but I would prefer to order peanut butter though (next time ,insya-Allah).Seriously the waffles are crispy at the sides!!Delicious…

Ah-Mei Cafe
(Banquet Holdings)
210 Middle Road Singapore 188994

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