Laksa & Prawn noodles @Makan Sini (Pasir Ris)

Note: Was told by one of the readers (Thks Lenie!) that the laksa stall is no longer muslim owned. Do check. Thanks! For more info-read the comment section below.

Previously I was here enjoying a plate of delicious Nasi Briyani at the Malay stall and some nasi padang with delicious ayam masak merah(red chicken).They were delicious.I thought I had post it in but I guess I had forgotten about it.

Anyway, came back to try out the Chinese cuisines.The sign said that it’s muslim owned (mualaf)and thus I asked personally to the lady at the stall. Are you a muslim? And she admit yes.Very quiet ,soft spoken lady.

It was normally packed in the morning and I thought I wanted to have it takeaway but as I was ordering, there were seats.YIPEE!Immediately I changed to eating here.

The food is affordable, u can have it small $2.50 and big $3.00.But if u want it for take aways,there is only one size $3.

As I take a mouthful,it soon followed by many mouthfuls of laksa.It was creamy and yummy. A delight to my heart’s content.It was delicious! The best I ever had.The cockles are halfcooked.U can omit them if u dont have a strong stomach.This is the chinese version of laksa that Ive been searching for.Cheap and good! 4.5 out of hi-5s

As for the prawn noodles, u can have it in 2 ways. Dry version (with separate bowl for soup) or soupy prawn noodles.I noticed many chinese customers opt for the soup version thus I ordered the same.It was delicious! It was full of prawny goodness.The prawns are fresh and the soup are sweetened by its freshness.Delicious!!Only factor is that I prefer to see more prawn meat.But still, the soup is delicious.4.3 out of hi-5s .

Take note: In a separate stall,the chinese drink sellers are not muslim nor are they related to the chinese muslim stall.They do sell some non-HALAL buns.So dont assume that everything is halal there just cos both food stalls are muslim-owned.

Makan Sini
Blk 446 Pasir Ris
#01-118, S510446

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1 thought on “Laksa & Prawn noodles @Makan Sini (Pasir Ris)”

  1. Salam sis.
    Just wanna update you and hope you spread the news to your readers.I recently went to Makan Sini with my family for their delicious laksa but was told by the aunties from the nasi campur stall that the laksa stall is no longer owned/operated by a Muslim .It has been sold to a non Muslim and they do not have a Halal cert.They,do however have a 'no pork no lard' sign.Lucky for us,it wasnt a crowded day and the aunties had time to inform us.Alhamdulilah!

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