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Dear readers/fans/passersby,
I’ve been quiet lately (no recent posts/twits in blogger/twitter/facebook)because the truth is….

Other than the many projects that requires my immediate attention (I know most of you wants to know what am I working as from the many emails/comments received.. insya-Allah will reveal when the time is ripe,ok?), Im sick..yeah…sick, blue,restless,felt floating on air kinda feeling.This is not normal sickness but its actually LOVE SICK.(hee!)

Have you ever felt love at first sight?It kinda bite you without you anticipating it,when you are not looking for it nor expecting any tiny weenie bit of it, it just appear and bit u in the butt(pardon my language).Then you will start seeing the wonders of nature,it seems the sun rises in all directions,the stars winking at you in the night,the trees are dancing to your tunes and the birds are singing for you and you feel happy in your own world.You felt light as if you are a snowflake dancing in the wind.You look at life differently.Your friends,family and strangers will notice a certain glow flowing within you.Have you ever felt that way before?

Then as the feelings intense, you began to feel the beautiful tormenting of missing that love of your life.You began to live without the basic essentials of life like eating,drinking and even bathing.Have you heard the saying “makan tak kenyang,tidur tak lena ,mandi tak basah (kopetlah tuh)” which meant something like you eat but not filling,you sleep but not deep sleep, you bathe but not wet”(pardon my inadequacy in translating this)Somehow you get the jist right?

Then… feeling happy and being skinny (hopefully), you yearn to meet your love one.The one that you desire,the one that you always wanted.You crave for it in every breath.Nothing else matters.Anything related to your love will be automatically highlighted in your mind.You see it everywhere and anywhere.No one understands it better than you.Some may think you have gone “Cuckoo”.

Sometimes the love that you want seems farfetched no matter how possible it seems at first.It makes the bearer kinda crazy juggling with reality ,dreams and imagination.Only the one feeling it, believes that it is possible.Maybe not now but insya-Allah one day.Just believe and have faith.Open your mind to accept any possibilities that come your way,no matter how small cos it might lead to something bigger.

After a while,your mind takes over the heart.You start thinking rationally.The thing that you are in love with loses its charm and you began to let go (they said if u let go and if it comes back to u,it permanently will be yours,is it true?hmm..)and experience cold turkey.This is the hardest part.

Emotional cold turkey is even worse than physical drug addiction(this is my opinion but I could be wrong… cos there is no medicine for it and its invisible).Slowly, you began to let go and move on with everyday life.Your dearself grew stronger and create new hopes for the future.You might end up broken hearted and get over it (and create new anti-bodies for it just incase any future similar incidents) or it could be a livehappily ever after ending.The main important thing is that you decide the ending.You are responsible on how the journey goes.You are the author of your own love story…So be creative and let go and get out of the cage….

So tell me…who/what am I in love with actually? Hint:Start with the letter “M”.
(Do check the blog updates regularly for answer)

So take care!Believe and have faith, anything is possible.

Have a blessed Ramadhan and Eid Mubarak to all!(early greeting)


This describes how I’m feeling…enjoy!
(if the blog’s music is conflicting, just mute the jukebox on the right side column )

P.s:No,dont worry,Im not changing the blog to “BPMM Quest for Love” (hee!).It is still a food blog but sometimes, a diversion is good.So continue contributing all those positive yummilicious comments in here/twitter/facebook or or u can email Thank you for your generous contributions ,endless support and for being updated with my status thru these wonderful technology connections.Thank you…

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3 thoughts on “In luv with…”

  1. Putri in love?Is it a thing,a place or someone?If it starts with M, I think it stands for MAKAN.Perhaps, when you start the blog, you were excited and wanted to try out everything because you love to eat.It could also be love at first sight too because often I read that you like to look at other people's food.But then as years passed by and you became more mature, you select certain food that is worth showing.Thus your love has been defined and grew maturedly too. *lol

  2. Hey I miss those loving feeling.I share your sentiments sis.Though it was a long time ago, your post rekindle it back for me.Thanks!

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