Bones Steak@Haji Kadir (Tampines)

Situated amongst this bustling area of Tampines, here lies a coffeeshop that serves Indian food and other asia cuisines.I had the pleasure of tasting their popular Nasi Pattaya,Fresh Rojak and Bone steak thruout my many visits here.

But today,Im gonna showcase their very fleshy bone steak aka sup tulang.How many times have u frequent to those famous bone steak shops just to be disappointed but the meagre thin bones with little or no meat.(I know the purpose is to suck out the bone marrow goodness but still, wouldnt it be nice to have fleshy ones?Cos when I buy the raw items in the market, the butchers are always nice enough to give me fat,meaty bones, so…)

This is the fleshiest bone steak, I ever tasted.And the gravy is good too! For $5, u get 6 bones! Though it is ranked 3rd in my list (first was the KTM bone steak, 2nd was the beach road),I will definitely return to this place.Because, KTM has uncertain opening hours,Beach road is too crowded and the bones sometimes not that fleshy though its gravy is to die for.It was delicious meaty experience! 4 out of 5 stars!Im hooked, kinda addictive actually….

Haji Kadir Food Chains
Block 820 Tampines St 81
#01-534 S(520820)

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