Morrocco-train ride to Marrakech part 1

I left quite early to head to Marrakech.Look at the skies, it has not woken up yet …

The grand Taxis and petit cabs right in front of the train station Gare De Casa Voyageurs station.The journey is another 3 hours trip.It was drizzling as I left.I think Casablanca is missing me already but Marrakech is calling my name…

Is this my train ride?

Or is it this one….?

Aah…this is the one….right on the dot.I chose class 2.The cleanliness is like KTM trains.I find it quite weird that Class 2 going to Marrakech is different than Class 2 from Marrakech to Casblanca cos I got my own area (8 passengers per cabin).But amongst the trains that I rode, I like the Amtrak the best!(but then I cannot compare much cos I only rode on 4 different types of trains (from 4 different countries only)

Erm, am I supposed to stop them or what?!! There is a sign that shows no crossing over the tracks but many did…. *sigh

Lady in red in trance….in awe of the magnificent views from the train….now its the time to get mesmerized….enjoy the scenery!

Dates bearing fruits trees, cactus fruits, bamboo trees…. (I can only snap shots of date trees cos the train is too fast for my camera)

OMG, look at the wonderful hues of the dessert….

Mosques at a distance

There are many herds of cows, sheeps ,goats and especially donkeys. The first time I heard it bray upclose and personal, I nearly jump! It was so loud, caught me off guard.In fact, I didnt even notice it being there…hee!Fly away my friends, be freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Ah..I reached the station .Alhamdulillah.It was a beautiful journey…

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