Marrakech-Let's check in!! part 2

My heart is nervous…pitter patter pitter patter….unsure what to expect.Willit be as good as what I saw in the dicovery channel?Hmm..let’s find out!

Reached the new station…beautiful!

Hee…still got time to snap pics of fire hydrants. I noticed that thruout my journey , I can only see 2-3 fire hydrants on the long stretch of streets. Is it cos shortage of water or something? Hmm…

As usual, I got into the nearest Ibis hotel (already booked online) to the Marrakech station. There are about 4 IBIS hotels in Marrakech.

Before checking in, everyone must write the details in this form.Below is the bar area in the hotel.

This IBIS hotel has a swimming pool. Very tempting….So did I or did I not berendam(swim)??Hmm..that is a secret…

Same old setup as the Ibis hotel in Casablanca (in previous post).

Check out the view from my window.Subhanallah.Wow!

I stayed for awhile in the hotel just to freshen up and head out asap.Cannot wait to venture….

Marrakech train station from the outside…

23degrees celsius -The weather here is like in San Diego (previous post on May 09)…

Hey, hop on, hop off tour bus!!

More date trees….

This tree bears fruit that looks like jering… I wonder whether it is. Cos I saw the petai belalang (wild stinky beans tree) like those grown back home on the streets.

Hmm, yellow zebra crossing…but still, u got to look very carefully (left,right,left,right,left until u are sure there is no traffic which is very rare) cos most cars wont stop for you.So practise caution.Dont rush.If there is a group of people crossing,stick with them…

Feelin the mud walls….

Donkey carts are a common sight…

Fertilisation and nutritional clinic

Gas pumps (1 litre =$1euro) That is what the taxi driver told me previously…

Another fire hydrant…

Horse carriages….

I thought this is a Ramadan celebrating lights like we have back home in Geylang Serai but it’s not.Its’only for Eid (hari raya/suikerfeest).Suddenly I felt that the one month of festival lightings back home are extravagant. Because from my experience,I still feel that the Xmas, Deepavali,Gong Xi Facai and Hari Raya street lightings are the BEST!And they are lighted for a month (errm, is it wastage?)

The stop sign…

Mini provision shop

Mopeds (smaller than motorcycles) are quite popular here. I heard that you can rent it and roam freely.but err…the traffic conditions, err thanks. One taxi driver said that driving in Morrocco is like playing football. Hmm…

This car has 2 steering wheels!!!! I guess its a learned student driver…. L plate.

I need to pee,so where to go? Fire station hee! (voor mijn vader)….

This fireman is very nice and friendly.Show me the toilet and explain many stuff to me. Quite fluent in english too. Thank you,Mr Hafiz!

Erm, I thought this is a bubble gum dispensing machine or something…but err..its not..oops!

Oranges trees are abundance.Some are left rotting on the floor.Such a waste, wanted to pick them up and distribute to passers by but err…is it allowed?

Along the way,there are many olives trees. Im in olive haven!! Woo-hoo!

Look at the security guard at KFC, i wanted to try entering and see what he does..hehe! But I changed my mind… I think his job is to prevent any muslims from eating in the daytime during Ramadan in public (but if u are not a muslim/traveller/foreigner, they wont stop you)

I’m still walking getting acquainted with the surrounding streets and facilities….not taking any transport at the moment. The throat is kinda dry.The heat is getting warmer. Hmm….

I realised that there are abundance of rubbish everwhere. and I noticed from the train that there are lots of black plastic bags lying around. Hmm…

This tree is kinda spooky….So many satelite dishes in one building….

A very long stretch of red mud wall…about 16km (wow!).I wanted to see the majestic Bab Agnour but errm…perhaps next time, insya-Allah

Beautiful doors…

Ok enough of sight seeing, I need to go to market…I need to go into the shops…As the thought crept into my mind, my prayer seems to be answered in a presence of a man….(So who is this man?What does he want?What adventure is Putri embarking on? Keep reading this blog for more updates)

travel tip/trick: The Morrocans speak French, Arabic and Berber…and occasional English.I left with little knowledge of French and Arabic. (I just finished my arabic exams in June and after exams, the knowledge immediately went out to party and went out of the window and never come back Hmm… so Im left stranded but I can always depend on hand signs and body languages right hehe!)

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