Casablanca roadtrip part 4-Events Hall

Ok,what actually lies inside this mass hall are like those exhibition halls u found in the Singapore expo Halls in Tanah Merah.Remember those Halal and Indonesian exhibitions that we often have priodically?This is the exact replica.

This event is only held once a year during Ramadhan for the Morrocans to shop under one roof.Previously,this event has a free entrance but now,we need to pay.

Ranging from housewares to steel utensils and beautiful garments,clothings to perfumes and herbs…and not forgetting drinks and food…Wow! So many but the atmosphere is really like in Singapore Expo hall.Hmm…You might also find some similar stuffs back home….hmm…

Beautiful colourful dresses

and for the men…

Look at how beautiful dressed the Morrocan ladies are? I love their colourfulness!

Herbs stall..


Boots…erm,should I stop..nah that will take hours…


Baklava and sweets

Cushion,bed linens…

Cheongsam,chinese costume… this felt like a common stall found in Chinatown,back home….

See that GIGANTIC teapot?

Colourful array of branded tea

Wooden artwork..

Turkish Ice-cream…

All-in one jumbo mumbo stal..

Sugarcane drink stall

Perfume stall

Walking boots


Ah..Moroccan sweet delights!

The food sections are just waking up.Cos we went here right after Zuhur prayers,still early for iftar (breakfast).I think most food stalls will be open after asar prayers.Or else, the floor will be wet with those saliva drolling hehhe!Mine especially…hehe!

Pizza,cheese stall and…

cold cuts Picture frames stall

Plastic,glass flowers..

Ooh…this reminds me of Aladdin…This is a storage to keep cool drinking water…

AS we left for the next part of adventure,there were water bearers hanging around.They are earning except this month cos its a fasting month thus some might resort to begging…anyway,if u have loose change,why not give $1DH or more.Ramadan month,its good to give than to receive…Hmm…

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