Casablanca Road trip part 5-California and Tahiti?

We head to the light house and recce the area.It was situated amongst the poor living quarters.The cabbie told me not to wander off alone here.He even went to a couple backpackers and warn them.He said that this area has high crime rates cos its in the poor dwellings (really?)I tried to peek at their houses but its enclosed in small houses mud walls.So close to each other.I do see some kids and youths playing….

…but if I have the chance to stay longer, insya-Allah one day will try to stay with the locals in these interesting mud houses.
This is where they lived…

The view at this area is absolutely amazing.SubhanAllah! Look at the seaview..Wow! Always in awe…in such predicament.Nature has never fail to amaze me whenever I travel.Hmm..alhamdulillah.

We continue with our sightseeing.Look at the magnificent Hassan Mosque….Wowee!

The cabby told me that there is a lil California in this area.Indeed the whole stretch create dejavu-ness in me.I felt like I’m back in California…(previous post in May 09).Hmm…

Look at the similarities of the layout and architecture of the houses in California and here…. Yipee!Im in “California” 2X in a year….hehehe!
This fund for this mosque is generously donated by the Saudis…
Is that the Royal palace?

One of the riads near the beach…

Next stop, TAHITI? Hmm…

This posh luxurious beach is still under construction but still it is beautiful….I wonder how will it look like after its completion?

Shopping street…
The traffic in downtown is horrendous…if u can walk,do so…difficult to get cabs especially from 4-5/6pm because cabbies try to avoid this congestion as possible as they can.If they are unlucky,they can be stuck in the traffic jam for hours (YIKES!)

Anyway,happy shopping!

This is the traffic police.They carry weapon….It must have been one of the challenging jobs here, I bet…Hear those horns blazing from impatience…Hmm….

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