Casablanca part 6-Souk,supermarket and fresh street bread..

If you see this in your hotel room,don’t get paranoid.Its just a direction where Muslims of the whole wide world pray towards.That’s it.Normally found in hotels in Islamic countries like Morocco, Malaysia…if there isn’t any,normally Muslim travellers like myself bring a compass everywhere…just fyi.

Early morning,took another cab….always discuss with the fare first before boarding the cabs.

Hey what did I find? And the vehicles are all outside…no need to seek permission.Lucky…

Another medicine hall.Remember what I told you about cabbies and strangers telling you to..“Come visit one of the oldest houses,visit local families or listen to free herbalism program or whatever…” that they said,don’t go.One is enough.I had my share in Marrakesh.Casablanca also offer the same service.They just wanna bring u to medicinal shops to sell their products.If u have enough,inform them before hand so that they know.Best is to warn the drivers at the beginning of the trip…that u are not interested in such visits.

Asima is one of the largest supermarkets around.I did snoop around but its like a typical supermarket back home.Only difference is that we cannot bring out bags in (like in Mustafa Centre) and there is a security officer right infront of the cashiers.They close momentarily from 6pm-8pm for iftar (break fast)

Dairy Products..

Creamy avocados…

Meat corner….If I have a kitchen, I might smuggled some back to hotel hehe!

Woo-hoo!Street vendors….

Oh my..these bread are delicious!!Both are the same only different sizes.It’s a must to try their fresh hot piping bread from the streets.I love them!!So good u can even eat it on its own.

My mom is somewhat a herbalist…so whatever medicinal uses of plants and herbs she learnt,she will share it with me.. (Thanks,mommy dearest!)

Her favourite breakfast “concoction” is pounded fresh garlic and honey which erm, not something I fancy.Cos u can feel it travels down ur throat into ur tummy especially on empty tummy.Sometimes if its too strong, there might be a lil heartburn.So ensure u drink warm water after that.

Mommy learnt all types of herbal from Ayurveda to chinese to arabic and indonesian (yeah, all that “ubat periuk”-herbal tea and jamu (powdery paste of herbs to be mixed with hot water and honey and raw chicken eggs).I do not really share so much enthusiasm as her but I agree with the many benefits they have…cos I experience it.When u take them, u can feel the body responding positively to it.Nature is God’s gift to us…(so listen to your mummy when she makes those bitter herbal tea (made of tree barks, roots and God knows what?!!) for u!It’s good for u!!And pass the knowledge to the next generation,don’t let it be a dying trade…)

Ok, this is a whole potted range of herbal plants sold here…there are many more behind…

I have found FRESH SAGE!!!YIPEE! This is good..very good…if u can chew them fresh,its even better or else ,make it into a tea.Add some hot water and leave it aside for awhile.Sage has many medicinal benefits…

Its close to 4pm,the wet market is closing…

Are these meant for pets or lunch?

Seafood stalls…

Fishes arranged neatly

Sneaky,sneaky..Im trying to take shots of this man doing the pancake thingy…hehe!

Smell those delicious freshly baked bread….

Postal building..Look at the details…

Along the busy streets, there are many lil stalls setup selling all kinds of products…


KFC offers….

Even the cat is tempting me….during Ramadan…Look at how clean the fish is being devoured..

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